Code 19 update on August 31: 49 new cases in the community.

There are 49 new cases of Covid 19 in the community, bringing the total number of cases to 611.

Blood flow with COVID19 virus, SARS-CoV-2 concept background.


Director General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said all new cases were in Auckland.

“This further assures that our public health efforts are slowing the spread of the virus,” Bloomfield said.

He said that 66% of the new cases were related to family.

“Of the total cases, only 23% are considered contagious in the community.”

Bloomfield said a correctional officer at the Springfield Correctional Facility has tested positive for Code 19 and 23 staff members were in contact with the man. Everyone was isolated.

He said about 120 people at the Waikato facility had been in contact with the man and were now separated.

Prisoners were also being tested.

The officer who tested positive was completely vaccinated and asymptomatic.

Of the epidemics, 51 cases have not yet been linked to epidemics.

Of today’s cases, only 19 were not already connected.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she wanted the number of falling cases to be reduced.

“We want the epidemic to be as short as possible,” he said.

“Every day is another step for me, a little bit of progress, but I want to see a steady decline … we have a long way to go.”

Of the current Auckland epidemics, six cases are under one year of age.

There are 33 people in the hospital, eight in the ICU and two in the ventilation.

Bloomfield said none of the young children affected by the epidemic were in hospital.

The youngest case in the hospital is 18 years old. Bloomfield said most of the people in the hospital are elderly.

Two-thirds of current cases are under the age of 30.

A total of 16,755 tests were performed.

Bloomfield said a high rate of testing is critical to the community’s confidence in detecting any Covid 19 case.

“It’s important for everyone who needs any kind of health care that they do when they need it. Don’t delay the care.”

“We don’t know how the virus entered the community in the latest outbreak,” Bloomfield said.

Arden said she would stay up at night thinking about ways in which this could happen.

“Now there are ideas without people-to-people contact,” he said.

The total number of new cases dropped from 83 on Sunday and 52 on Saturday to 53.

Announcing a two-week lockdown for Auckland tomorrow, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Alert Level 4 was making a difference but Work “not done yet”.


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