Cove 19: Life on the border line between Alert Level 4 and Level 3.

It looks like any other rural road in North Waiko: gravel driveways, green paddocks, lonely lemon trees, and neighbors screaming at each other on their fences.

But one line. Authorities pulled through the center of Mercer’s Koheroa Rd. It has become an important national frontier in the fight against the spread of Covid 19.

From 11pm tonight, police will set up a checkpoint in the small northern town of Waikato, trying to stop all unnecessary travel outside of Super City – Auckland had a total of 597 community cases of the virus on Tuesday.

This territorial border has already been affected, As a guard at Waiko’s Spring Hill. The prison tested positive for the virus Monday night. The Auckland guard is now isolating himself.

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On Kohroh Road in Mercer, residents were struggling to find the beginning of life on the border.

“We just hope that wisdom prevails,” said Tania Mayo.

Tania Mayo, a resident of Kohroh Road:

Crystal Yardlay / Equipment.

“We just hope that wisdom prevails,” said Tania Mayo, a Kohroh Road resident.

on Monday, Equipment Told how Government Quad 19 Alert Level Boundary Map The border town was in a state of uncertainty.

A line separating Auckland and Waiko appears in the middle of Kohroh Road – residents on different sides of the same street are divided into Alert Level 4 and Alert Level 3.

Mayo said he has heard that the whole street is likely to be at level 4 – and police checkpoints on both sides of the road will make sure.

Mayo says,

Mark Taylor / Equipment.

“We identify as Vaikto, but we look north for our purchases, essential services and jobs,” says Mayo. Mercer residents spoke of understanding themselves in Waiko, despite settling on Auckland’s territorial border.

Arrangements are likely to be the same as they were in February 2021, he thought, when the Auckland border was first extended from Bombay to Mercer.

Mayo said joining Auckland’s boundaries means Mercer residents can go to the countdown in Pokینوmon, a six-minute drive away, a 25-minute drive to Huntley. They can also access their medical services in South Auckland.

“We identify as Vaikto, but we look north for our purchases, essential services and jobs.”

The government's map of Cove 19 has confused the boundaries, dividing Mercer's Kohroh RD into Auckland and Wycombe.

Crystal Yardlay / Equipment.

The government’s map of Cove 19 has confused the boundaries, dividing Mercer’s Kohroh RD into Auckland and Wycombe.

Although Mercer was not Auckland, Mayo said, he flew to North Waikato to escape “boom boxes, sirens and planes.”

Another resident, who gave his name as AJ, said living on the border line was “extremely strange.”

“It’s Waikato. We moved to Waikato to get out of Auckland. We pay Waikato rates.

“I think the border is just for a logistical point of view. It’s not Auckland.

AJ said it was easy for the police to control the movement from Mercer.

He wanted some formal belief that the road was on a level, rather than a level map.

Resident Trevor Pierman said he thought Mercer would be at Level 4, and that the Southern Corridor should start south of the town, below the village of Mermaire.

The border was “difficult” to establish, Pierman said, when residents worked either in the north, in the Auckland area, or in Hamilton in the south.

“It seems ridiculous that they have drawn a line in the middle of the road. They need to put the whole community on one level.”

Mercer resident Crystal Cara, with her cat Jojo, says the Auckland Border has followed her south.

Crystal Yardlay / Equipment.

Mercer resident Crystal Cara, with her cat Jojo, says the Auckland Border has followed her south.

Auckland Border has “followed its south” since 2020, Crystal Cara said.

She lived in Mangatoheri during the 2020 lockdown, right next to another police road block.

Cara, who owns a landscaping business, said she would not be working for a while, under Level 4.

He said that in the last lockdown, the police were sometimes confused as to whether Mercer residents should be allowed to move south or north.

“It depended a bit on who you met that day,” Cara said.

The Prime Minister and the Cabinet Department were contacted on Tuesday regarding the alert level on Kohroh Road.

On Monday, Waikato District Mayor Alan Sanson said. Equipment He thought that the whole level of the road would be included within 4.

In a statement issued Monday, Police Commissioner Andrew Coaster said several southern checkpoints would be set up from 11 p.m. Tuesday.

A checkpoint on State Highway 1 on Oram Road will check northbound traffic, and southbound traffic will be stopped at the Mercer of Ramp.

Other checkpoints will be set up at Mangatoheri Road / State Highway 24, East Coast Road-Vehrao Regional Park, and SH22 at Pakikawa Churchill Road and Logan RD.

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