Covid 19: Three Tegel workers test positive for the virus in the Delta epidemic.

Three Tegel employees working at a chicken processing plant in Auckland have been tested positive. Covid-19.

All three returned positive results after the visit. Places of interest In central and west Auckland, the company said. Employees are now in quarantine.

As a precaution, Tegel closed certain departments working on positive matters at the Henderson factory and asked staff to test and isolate themselves.

Tegel said all other results to date have been negative.

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Three workers at the Henderson factory test positive for the virus.  (File photo)

David White / Stuff.

Three workers at the Henderson factory test positive for the virus. (File photo)

A Tegel spokesman said the business was operating as an essential service under Alert Level 4, which included “on-site security measures”.

The spokesperson said, “As a result, we are stepping up our efforts to keep Cowid away so as to ensure that our production lines and distribution centers continue to supply Tegel products to customers without interruption.” can.”

The first of three employees to return a positive test did so last week.

On Friday, a Tegel spokesman confirmed that the male worker had a positive experience but had not been at the Henderson campus since Aug. 19. The man was sent to the Jet Park Quarantine facility.

Fifty workers in the department were told to isolate themselves and wait for negative test results before returning from work.

The man’s wife and daughter tested negative.

New Zealand is in fourth place. About 500 people in the community tested positive for Delta. Cove 19’s

The country will move south of Auckland. Alert level 3. Super City and Northland remained at Level 4.

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