Covid 19 update: Bloomfield says there is no update on how the virus entered the community.

Director-General of Health Dr. Ashley Bloomfield says we may never be able to trace the source of the current epidemic, while Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she wakes up at night to consider ways to prevent it. Is.

Check out today’s Covedition 19 update here:

In today’s update, Bloomfield says there are. 49 new cases of Covid 19., All in Auckland.

“We may never know how the virus entered the community in the latest epidemic,” he said.

Ardern says she stays up all night thinking of ways in which this could happen.

“We’re left with ideas without people-to-people contact,” she says.

Bloomfield welcomed yesterday. Low number of new cases – 53., From below The previous day 83. – But with low testing numbers on Sunday, it was warned not to put too much stock in it, saying it was just a data point.

Order too. Announced Auckland will remain locked down until at least September 14, and Northland will likely move to Level 3 just two days after the rest of Tuesday night’s change.

Today, Ordner says there is an Alert Level 3 breakthrough for all Auterwa in southern Auckland, but that “high-level precautions” are still needed.

“The bubbles stay in place,” she says.

She says it’s not up to Level 2 that you can connect with people outside of your bubble.

He also reiterated that delta means level 3 change.

She says employees in outdoor-facing businesses should wear face masks and everyone else is encouraged to wear masks in and out.

“Stay at home, keep the bubbles small, exercise and shop locally, keep away from people … work from home if possible, keep young and old at home.”

Ordner says public places are closed.

As of tomorrow, everyone 12 years of age and older can book for vaccination.

For businesses, Ordner says operating must meet health measures.

She says travel between Alert Levels 3 and 4 is strictly limited.

The limit, she says, is “especially difficult to prevent the spread of infectious viruses.”

She wants to reduce the number of declining cases.

“We want the epidemic to be as short as possible.”

Ordner says the alert level for the South Island will be reviewed within a week.

She says she does not want to make decisions that are “premature”.

“We wouldn’t have moved into the Alert Level 3 environment if we hadn’t thought it was safe.”

The government was becoming more cautious and using Level 3 where it would have used Level 2.

“Everyone from all walks of life needs to be the best role model,” Ordner said.

She says the vaccine strategy was always to expand by the end of the year.

“Every day is another step for me, a little bit of progress, but I want to see a steady decline … we still have a journey to go,” Ardern said of the declining case numbers.

Arden says MIQ has worked to keep the virus out of New Zealand.

Bloomfield says the fact is that the country has been without a virus for so long that the MIQ system is so strict.

Arden says the epidemic has shown how important eradication and vaccination are.

Bloomfield says teams are looking at alert level 2 settings and how they can be strengthened – including the use of masks.

Ordner says the government will update people on Alert Level 2 rules if needed.

In today’s session of Parliament, Ordner says he is. Disappointed Because there were alternative ways.

It is a pity that we could not be as active as the rest of New Zealand.

“Our view was that going to the online forum would give opposition MPs access to members of parliament across the country.”

She says that when MPs were essential workers and were legally allowed to travel, it was up to them to choose to travel.

He reiterated his frustration over the opposition parties’ decision to reject the online session of parliament.

Bloomfield says his advice to parliament – if it were to sit – was on the use of masks, social distance and the number of people who could be safely in the debate chamber.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health is facing. Constant criticism From the vaccine to his communication about a possible food error, which may mean that some pheasants are getting salty instead of shot.

After the victims were told they would receive a letter, the couple received only one email between them on the day of the vaccination, advising them to call 0800 who did not answer their questions. ۔

On the Auckland floods, Ordner says it caused severe damage.

Fire and Emergency responded to approximately 37,370 emergency calls by 10:30 a.m. today.

Henderson Valley Road is a haven for those who need it, Arden says.

“We understand that the situation means that some bubbles are joining other families just as they need shelter.”

She says Trust Arena and Airport Park and Ride Vaccination Centers have now reopened.

“Any affected person will be contacted … for re-booking at a later date.”


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