Daily Happiness: Social Media Content from Lockdown Day 14.

Level 3 takeaway cravings, home accidents and replacement of question masks, here are some of the best entertainment and social media content from the 14th day of the lockdown.

Daily Chair Thumbnail Day 14

Image: Carmel Saplonie / ny Kenny Bastins.

As the country moves toward Level 3 Alert at 11:59 pm tonight, many people will be rubbing their hands and warming up their engines so that they can be number one with their favorite takeaway drive. I am on

This reflects the feeling of waiting at least two more weeks for the accuracy of Mem Aucklander’s fast food.

The Puriroh resident may have mistakenly left his mask at home because he was forced to choose an unconventional but stylish Heineken box.

Even Carmel Saploni, the Minister for Social Development, is not safe from the classic of domestic jokes.

In an interview with Radio Samoa on Zoom, his son humorously broke into Saploni’s office to show him a strange carrot.

While out on his daily walk, the user stumbled upon a trail sign on a local park bench.

This mother has created a sheet of easy-to-follow instructions to send a message to her children that mothers should be respectful during meetings.

Working from home, RNZ. Afternoon report. Presenter Moni Dunlop has the work experience of her aspiring radio personality, it’s only a matter of time before she makes her first on-air cameo.

With very little work done across the country, news viewers are watching more in lockdown than ever before and this sharp-eyed viewer can’t let this 1 news crash disappear.


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