Floods in West Auckland after coveted lockdown

“It feels like a kick in the ass when you’re already down.”

Similarly, a business owner in West Auckland was summarizing the situation after several lockdowns and now flooding.

Stuart Automotive & Fabrication Shortage.

Stuart Automotive & Fabrication Shortage.
Image: RNZ / Kate Gregan.

Flood water Destroyed dozens of homes and businesses. the following the rain Monday night. About 21,210 mm of rain fell on the settlement within 24 hours. Eleven people were rescued, dozens of homes were evacuated and the floods dealt a severe blow to already struggling businesses.

Paul Stewart, owner of the Stewart Automotive and Fabrication Co., said floodwaters reached the waist of his store, damaging 90 percent of his equipment.

“It has managed to reach the computers, so it has destroyed them. It looks like a bomb has exploded there.

“I’m very worried, but at the same time, that’s what it is.”

Stuart Automotive & Fabrication Shortage.

Stewart Automotive & Fabrication, Less Cleaning.
Image: RNZ / Kate Gregan.

Dust, water and oil covered the ground on Tuesday afternoon. Stewart said every drum and oil catcher fell towards him during the storm and began to leak.

“The amount of the loss means a big insurance claim,” he said.

“We’re just trying to get around and suck everything we can, so it doesn’t get in the way.”

His wife and business office manager, Sarah Stewart, said the oil on his mask was a clear reminder that the incident could not have happened at a worse time.

“I think at this point it’s a little overwhelmed because there’s so much left to do. It still feels pretty unrealistic,” he said.

Cole Prendergast was busy helping Paul and Sarah on Tuesday afternoon, using a wet vacuum to clean up what he could.

“It’s a small job,” he said.

Prendergast said he did not know how long the cleaning would take until he could get everything out of the garage and re-examine it.

Paul Stewart – who has owned the business for six years – said it was a major blow to his business, which was already struggling with Alert Level 4, and would take a long time to recover.

“Honestly, it’s just coming back from the first lockdown of last year. I’ve just started to get back into a better financial position. It could take another year, maybe two.

Stewart said the community will work together to meet this challenge.

He said, “This is what I have found in and around Komi, everyone lives together and helps, even with cleanliness and everything, so it doesn’t have to be too bad. Should. “

It was 149% of normal August monthly rainfall in a single day, the second wettest day on record.

On Monday, about 60 families spent one night in temporary accommodation and some spent another night away from home, said Vatican Ward Councilor Shane Henderson.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff told the Morning Report. It is possible that some of the buildings in the area will be red and inspectors will be in the area today for a full inspection. He said it was not clear how much repair work could be done during Alert Level 4.

Goff said people should check their insurance policy, which often covers the cost of alternative accommodation, and if not, the council is helping keep people in motels or hotels.

Parts of Hawai’i in northwest Auckland were without power on Wednesday morning. Lines company Vector says power has returned to most places, including Peaha and Bethel Beach, but widespread flooding around Hawaii has limited safe access to the area.


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