In the final game of the NRL season, Chanel returned to the Harris-Twita Warriors, allowing Matt Lodge to play.

Channel Harris-Toyota lost to Readers last weekend due to Monday's injury.

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Channel Harris-Toyota lost to Readers last weekend due to Monday’s injury.

Channel Harris Tavita. Against the Titans on Sunday, and in his last game of the season the Warriors are back in half Met Lodge. The NRL will play on Tuesday night after being found guilty in a judicial hearing.

A brief return to Chad Town Sand Warriors ended with a shoulder injury. Readers lost 28-16 last weekend. And he will play in the NRL next 2022 wearing a cowboy jersey.

Harris Tavita lost to the Meccan Raiders with a foot injury, but has been allowed to play in a game with only a few riders for the Titans, who are still hoping to make the top eight. have been.

The Town Sand injury means the Warriors will have two left-footed kickers at the Cabs Super Stadium this weekend, featuring Harris Tavita. Sean and Sullivan., Who may be playing his last game for the club, as he has not yet been offered a new contract.

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Definitely the last player to play for the club is Peta Hico, who has been re-named at the center, while Bunty Rumor has been ruled out due to a hamstring injury during training on Tuesday.

Bunty Afwa suffered a hamstring injury during training on Tuesday.

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Bunty Afwa suffered a hamstring injury during training on Tuesday.

The lodge will be relocated after the judiciary approves the Grade One dangerous contact charge raised in the Readers Game.

Lodge was not found guilty of dangerous contact with Kiwis forward Joseph Tipin during an NRL court hearing on Tuesday night.

Jazz Tiwaga, who was 18th at the hands of the Raiders last week, has been named to start off the bench this week in 17 jerseys.

At a glance

Fighters: Race Walsh, Dylan Watten-Zelzenik, Peta Hico, Rocco Berry, Marcelo Montoya, Chanel Harris-Twita, Sean O’Sullivan; Eden Fonova-Blake (J), Wide Egan, Matt Lodge, Josh Koran, Yuan Aitken, Bailey Serenon. Interchange (from): Cody Nicorima, Alyssa Katua, Ken Evans, Jazz Tivaga, Jimenez Tonova-Brown, Adam Pompey, Jack Morchi, Edward Kosy.

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