Jail for sex offender caught with banned internet devices including laptops and phones.

Brian Conway has been sent back to prison.

Brian Conway has been sent back to prison.

A registered sex offender who was sending obscene texts to a mentally ill neighbor has been sentenced to 11 months in prison.

Brian William Conroe was out in the community in 2012 after being released after serving three years and nine months in prison.

He was registered under the Sex Offenders Act and has been under extended surveillance order for touching young girls since 2009.

Part of the restrictions include not having access to Internet-enabled devices.

Older laptops and cell phones were found in a police search warrant in July, Wellington District Court Judge John Walker said Tuesday.

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Conray also created a Facebook account and an email address.

The judge said Conway was using the phone to contact a woman who was advising him to have sex with a young girl and send 43 texts to her ailing neighbor.

He said he pointed out that Conway was still a threat to the community.

Conway has a long history of sexually abusing girls and has collected the last seven violations of the extended surveillance order, Walker said.

Conway told police he found the laptop in the trash and took it to the tanker but did not use it.

Conroe told the judge he was really sorry, but while he was in prison it was time to consider slipping. He said he knew he had “filled in” and stopped supporting his people.

His lawyer, Jaden McLeod, said he regretted it and that it was difficult for him to know what he had done.

The judge sentenced him to 11 months in prison for violating the order, violating his responsibilities under the Sex Offenders Registration Act and making offensive phone calls.

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