Police arrested four youths after the stolen car.

Four youths were arrested while they were in a stolen car.  (File photo)

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Four youths were arrested while they were in a stolen car. (File photo)

Four youths pulled over a stolen car before allegedly stealing another when they tried to flee from police.

But moments later, his tires sped up and all four were arrested.

A police spokesman said police found a stolen car in Christchurch’s central business district shortly after midnight on Tuesday.

The driver did not stop when officers told him, but police did not leave.

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Police later found the vehicle in the Preston area of ​​the city.

The group stole another vehicle and tried to leave the area. Road spikes were deployed and the vehicle stopped shortly after 2 a.m. in Marshallland.

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The four youths were arrested and were due to appear in Christchurch Youth Court on Tuesday on various charges related to stolen vehicles and driving.

The incident came a day later. Increase in lockdown crimes The inclusion of two young men, including stealing two cars and covering about 50km, ended when their car caught fire.

The couple allegedly stole a car in Christchurch on Sunday morning. The car was dug up by criminals and another vehicle was stolen.

At 5:40 a.m., police were notified that two men had attempted a burglary at a house in Rollston, about 20 kilometers away.

The couple fled when a man inside saw what was happening and called police.

The young man then returned home and used the stolen car to damage property.

The car eventually stopped at Sawyer’s Arms RD, Bishopdale, 25 kilometers from Roleston. The car then caught fire, but no one was injured.

Police arrested two youths.

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