Police shot the dog outside a Christchurch motel.

Police shot dead a dog outside a ferry motel in Christchurch.

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Police shot dead a dog outside a ferry motel in Christchurch.

A woman tried desperately to get her dog out of a police dog before police shot her.

Christchurch Metro Area Commander Superintendent Lane Todd said police were called to a property on Ferry Road just after 2pm on Tuesday when someone reported that someone had cut another person’s tire with a knife.

Police arrived at the scene – outside the Ferry Motel – armed, as a precaution.

The owner of the motel said. Equipment The incident happened when a man was repeatedly knocking on the tenant’s door.

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Eventually, the man cut the tenant’s tire after he did not come to the door.

While police were on their way to arrest the man, a dog from another unit at the motel came out and attacked the police dog.

The owner of the motel said that the dog was initially separated from the police dog, but then came back a second time.

Footage of the incident, viewed. EquipmentThe dog is shown attacking a police dog as its owner tries desperately to stop it.

Eventually the officer pulls out his gun and shoots the dog, which then runs towards its owner.

Todd said officers tried to use pepper spray and teasers to suppress the dog.

Andy Jackson / Staff

The police dog fairy shows off her new safety shoes. (Video first published in August 2018)

“But it failed, and the dog was later shot by police.”

The dog was rushed to a local doctor for treatment, but died later.

The police dog was examined by a doctor and his injuries were not fatal.

“Police never take the shooting of an animal lightly, but sometimes it’s important to ensure the safety of our staff, police dogs and members of the public,” Todd said.

The motel owner said the incident was “really tragic”, and he would try and help the owner.

“It’s really sad for the tenant. She’s been here a long time, the dog has never had a problem.

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