The union says the extra pay for food retail workers should not be withheld during Level 3.

A trade union is pushing for food stuffs and a countdown to keep workers from paying extra as much of the country lowers the level of the Quaid 19 Response Alert.

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Countdown supermarket staff have been paid an additional 10% per hour as front line workers during Alert Level 4.
Image: RNZ / Veronica Schmidt

Under Alert Level 4, both supermarket businesses have paid frontline staff an additional 10% per hour in recognition of their essential worker status.

However, everywhere in south Auckland is now on Alert Level 3, First Union Representative Tali Williams said the payments would stop.

“Supermarket workers are still some of the front-line customers who face a role in Level 3 and should maintain 10%,” he said.

“In fact, it is our view that low wages should not be necessary, so this 10% should be discontinued.”

At least she wants both supermarket chains to pledge to maintain the salary bonus during Level 3, Williams said.

Food and countdown has been contacted for comment.


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