Volkswagen drops its most popular product (it’s a sausage)

Volkswagen has been producing a sausage since 1973, with the official part number being 199 398 500 A.


Volkswagen has been producing a sausage since 1973, with the official part number being 199 398 500 A.

Volkswagen has stopped production of its parts since 1973, but you may not be aware of it. This is a curry sausage.

Seriously – it is labeled Volkswagen Original Part, number 199 398 500 A.

It is so popular that Volkswagen developed a special VW branded ketchup for use with the Worst, and in 2014, 2014, 2015 and 2017 the company sold more individual Cruisers than cars.

However, to make Volkswagen more CO2 friendly, boss Herbert Dyes is removing the sausage from the list of parts. Vegetarian and vegetarian options are taking their place..

It is a move that has not been widely praised, especially by Gerhard Schroeder, a former German chancellor and former member of the Volkswagen Group’s supervisory board. He took LinkedIn Expressing his displeasure, he said: “Vegetarian food is good, I do it step by step. But, basically, no curry worst? No!

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“When I’m in Berlin, my first route usually takes me to one of the best Curry Worst stalls.

Vaccine vehicles have been sold for many years.

Chris Dillon

Vaccine vehicles have been sold for many years.

“Also Hanover has the best curry sausages. I don’t want to do without it, and I don’t think many others want it in their company canteen either.

He added: “Currywurst with French fries is one of the strengths of a skilled worker in production.

“It should stay that way.”

This is despite the fact that meat and milk production, in particular, account for about 14.5% of the world’s CO2 production. Carbon short. Pork is better than beef. In the great meat scheme But reducing all meat production and consumption is a good way to reduce CO2 output.

Of course, There are other issues with plant-based meat replacement products. But Volkswagen’s wagon is based on alternative wheat, which is very low in the CO2-per-kg product chart.

Dice’s executive order is a step towards the complete removal of meat from all Volkswagen Group canteens by 2025, including Audi and Porsche (Germany), Bentley (UK), Lamborghini and Ducati (Italy), Skoda (Czech Republic). And Seth (Spain).

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