Arrivederci Alitalia: One of Europe’s most popular airlines has stopped selling tickets.

Altelia will fly at sunset next month.

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Altelia will fly at sunset next month.

One of Europe’s most popular airlines is preparing for the end. 75 years later, Italy’s famous ‘A’ wing-shaped logo in the colors of the Italian flag will disappear from the sky next month.

Italy’s long-awaited airline has announced it will not sell tickets after October 15, when a small carrier called ITA will rise from its coals.

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This news is not surprising, because Altelia has been on life support for many years and has been bankrupt since 2017.

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It marks the end of a stellar history of Italy’s national career. Founded in 1946, Errolini entered the golden age of flying in the 1950s and 1960s, especially during the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome.

Giovanni Orsina, Director of the School of Government Room at LUISS University, Told CNN That the Italians are very proud of the airline.

Rome's Leonardo da Vinci-Femicino Airport, the center of Altelia.

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Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci-Femicino Airport, the center of Altelia.

“Italy needed to have a state career, a symbol of national pride and patriotism,” Orsina said.

“Italy could not afford not to have one, it was tantamount to having a police and carabinieri corps. Italy was an indispensable tool of the state because it was a piece to blow up Italy around the world.”

However, the days of greatness could not be maintained and in the decades that followed, Altelia struggled from crisis to crisis.

Orsena told CNN: “The authorities continue to believe that Altelia can not only fail, but it has its limitations and we have reached the bottom.”

“It’s like treating a terminal patient. You can try to make him feel less pain for a while, but not forever. This is a cure.”

Time is running out now, and on October 15, the airline will close its ITA site.

ITA stands for Italy Transport Aero, or Italy Air Transport. But it is not yet clear what name or logo will be on the new airline’s planes. There will be a public bid for the brand “Altelia”, for which the ITA said it would compete, so it is possible that the brand will survive in one form or another.

The agreement to build the new airline specifically calls for a reduction in the number of slots at Rome’s main Leonardo da Vinci airport. Milan’s Lenin Airport, popular with business travelers because of its proximity to Italy’s financial and fashion industry capital, will also see fewer places.

On its way, the ITA said it plans to operate flights from Milan and Rome to New York and from Rome to Tokyo, Boston and Miami. Rome and Milan’s Lynette Airport destinations will include Paris, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt and Geneva.

The ITA, according to its statement, initially plans to operate a fleet of seven wide-body and 45 narrow-body aircraft and add another 26 by the end of this year. By the end of 2025, ITA aims to have a fleet of 105 aircraft.

Altelia is not the first airline to shut down in the last 18 months, largely due to the epidemic. In fact, it is not the first Italian airline to fly during this time. Air Italy stopped operating early last year. Others who have taken their last flight are among them. In Fly BUK., German Wing and Tiger in Australia.

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