Auckland Libraries wipe out all outstanding fines.

Auckland Libraries has removed all pending fines and will not issue any in the future, regardless of how long the book has been returned or where you live in Tamaki Makurao.

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All current and historical fines are automatically erased.

The change applies to anything you can physically borrow, including books, CDs, DVDs, magazines and sheet music.

Luis La Hate, of Auckland Libraries, says change is permanent and part of a long-term plan.

He told RNZ, “Most people agree that libraries are very valuable and they are especially valuable to those who do not have access to many other resources that people have access to privately. Are. ” Nights.

“So access to reading, what you can learn and the stories from which you can truly grow in your community should be equally accessible to all.

“Fines are an obstacle because there are people who just can’t stand fines.”

Lahte said he has heard tragic stories of people who stopped coming to the library because they owed fines because they could not afford to pay.

Reminder notices will be sent to people when an item is almost due and La Hatte said that after a certain period of time it will be considered a lost item and the replacement charge will go to that person’s account. Once the item is returned, the replacement charge is removed.

“Once you owe more than 10, you are barred from borrowing more physical items.”

The library says the new policy does not include inter-library london fines for books requested from libraries outside Auckland.

About 600 libraries around the world, including every one in Ireland, are not good.

There are at least nine libraries in New Zealand that are not good. Carterton, Optiki, Upper Hut, Vimacre, Salon, Central Hawke’s Bay, Rangitiki, Masterton, Nelson.

Libraries in lockdown.

La Hite says people can still connect to Auckland libraries online and access e-books, e-audio books and magazines.

There are also movies and documentaries to stream and a lab app with a large collection of e-books.

Between 1pm and 6pm, school students from Year 1 to Year 13 can log in and ask the librarian questions. Any question?

During the lockdown you can access and search my past from home.


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