Coved 19 Update: 75 new community cases in New Zealand today

There are 75 new cases of Covid 19 in the community, the Ministry of Health has reported.

Addressing a government briefing today, Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said one of the new cases was in Wellington and the rest in Auckland.

The Wellington case is a domestic contact, lived in isolation, and lives without symptoms. Dr. Bloomfield said he showed the importance of being alone and having a day 14 test.

Tomorrow 49 new cases were reported., A fall from Monday.

Dr. Bloomfield said that with the increase in cases from yesterday, there is no reason for danger.

He said that R-Value is still promising based on the latest modeling. There is a 90% chance that it is less than 1, which indicates that the lockdown is continuing and the transmission chains are breaking.

Bloomfield said that with yesterday’s cases, 57% had contacts in the current case and 75% did not produce any demonstrations.

There are 32 people in the hospital. Eight are in intensive care and three are on ventilation. All are in Auckland hospitals.

Demand for testing in Auckland is strong, with more than 6,500 tests in the Auckland region.

About 40 of Auckland’s supermarkets are being added to the list of places of interest, Bloomfield said. Incidents are considered low risk but those who have been there should observe the symptoms.

The results of the sewage test show no unexpected results, and a sample from Moa Point, Wellington, returned negative results for the first time since August 18.

He said tests in the Northland showed that the region would be on alert level 3 tomorrow night.

Overnight, much of the country, from the southern suburbs of Auckland, changed alert levels from 4 to 3. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well., And many providers have improved the way they find openings by following the new rules.

Auckland is in Level 4 until September 14, and Northland is expected to descend to Level 3 from 11:59 on Thursday night. Here is a reminder of the rules. Alert level 3. And Alert level 4..

Police have set up five checkpoints on the southern outskirts of Auckland to check for cross-border travelers. So far, he said, compliance has been good, with only minor delays for passengers.

Addressing Morning report. Today, Dr. Bloomfield said that if the vaccine cannot be stored until September, keep vaccination rates high. Vaccination may be slower in the rest of the country. To maintain a high rate in Auckland.

He dismissed criticism that Auckland’s hospitals were not well-prepared for the large number of patients at Covid 19, and said builders were working at two Auckland hospitals, including creating a designated Covid 19 patient area. of job.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff is urging residents to get the Code-19 vaccine, its rollout is now open to everyone over the age of 12, and the shape of the delta affects people of all ages. Is.

He says a high level of community vaccination is key to defeating the disease, preventing deaths and paving the way for the border to be opened.

Places of interest are updated, and. Can be checked here.


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