Covid 19 minister Chris Hopkins ‘disappointed’ after second student flew from Auckland in lockdown violation

Another university student has been caught flying outside Auckland without exception, violating the Cove 19 Lockdown Act, raising questions about checks at airports.

Police have issued a breach notice to a student who flew from Auckland to Wellington on Sunday without a Level 4 lockdown.

Then comes. Equipment Revealed that Another student was able to fly from Auckland to Dunedin without exception., Police investigation signal

Covid 19 Response Minister Chris Hopkins called the violations “disappointing” and said students should have been checked before traveling.

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The Otago student, who initially went to Auckland for lockdown, was able to fly to Christchurch and then boarded a contact flight to Dunedin on Monday.

Two of his flat mates concerned expressed concern to authorities, and they were moved to a separate flat.

A student who considers herself isolated in her Castle St. Flat has been fined 300 300 and told she will be issued a breach notice.

Under Alert Level 4 requirements, personal travel is “strictly limited to essential personal mobility”, according to the government’s Coveid 19 website.

Speaking at a daily public briefing on Wednesday, Hopkins said the pair should not have traveled.

“Violations of the rules will have potential consequences.”

Hopkins said that “if the system was working as it was”, the couple’s eligibility for travel should have been checked at the airport gates, “they can go anywhere near the plane”, but not yet. There were enough “strong” in place to say.

“I have no information at this time as to what information they provided when they arrived at the airport and were able to leave Auckland.”

A Victoria University spokesman said the student was alone.

Monique Ford / equipment

A Victoria University spokesman said the student was alone.

T. Herringa Waka – Victoria University of Wellington has confirmed that one of its students was responsible for Sunday’s violation.

“A resident of T Pony Village returned to the hall on Sunday after violating the New Zealand government’s travel orders,” a university spokesman said.

“It seems he and his family did not fully understand the government’s instructions.”

The student returned the negative Covid 19 test and is in solitary confinement in “alternative university accommodation”.

“The resident advised that he had not visited any of the places of interest published on the Ministry of Health website. Our investigation shows that the resident had no close contact with anyone in the hall.

“Hall staff have consulted with health officials and no further action is needed in T-Pony Village.”

A spokesman for Campus Living Villages, based in Australia, which oversees campus accommodation, said it supported the university’s response.

Students at T Pony Village said the incident was a “shocking violation”, with one saying they and others were “upset”.

“Some people in the hall are angry. They are watching the level 4 rules closely and are surprised not to consider the sacrifices of others.

The student “passed the flight without a challenge,” he added.

“There was no check, so he assumed it was okay,” he said.

“Everyone in the hall got an e-mail about the situation. When she came back, she went straight to solitude because she had a test.

“There were only two other people on the floor she was on, so people are feeling fairly safe.”

University staff was working closely with the Ministry of Health and the police. The ministry has been contacted for comment.

Senior Sgt. Jason McCarthy, in charge of Young and Community Wellington, said police were notified Aug. 30 that a man had left Auckland for Wellington without exception.

“Police have spoken to the man and are working with local public health officials on how to handle the situation,” McCarthy said.

Violation notice has been issued in connection with the violation.

Air New Zealand cited questions about aviation security, a government agency “responsible for ensuring that consumers are traveling for the right reasons.”

Under current Alert Level 4 requirements, personal travel is “strictly limited to the necessary personal movement.”

In most parts of the country, the easing of curfew restrictions at 11.59pm last night means that people can still only travel from Level 3 Area to Level 4 Area, and vice versa, as long as they have the necessary work to do. Don’t be a worker. .

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