Covid 19 Outbreak Report: What Happened Today, September 1st.

An immediate round of big news from September 1st. Cove 19 Delta Spread.Including the latest case number and places of interest details.

Papakura Murray has opened the country's first Murray-based drive-through vaccination center, capable of delivering 300 to 400 vaccines a day.

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Papakura Murray has opened the country’s first Murray-based drive-through vaccination center, capable of delivering 300 to 400 vaccines a day.


There is 75 new cases of Covid 19 Connected to Delta community expansion.The total number of cases reached 687.

All but one of the cases reported on Wednesday are in Auckland, the other being the domestic contact of the Wellington case, which returned three negative tests and went without symptoms.

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the latest The “bounce” in the numbers is “not unexpected”“We’ll take a closer look,” Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, director general of health, said in a 1pm update.

Top Stories

The government has expanded. Freeze Managed Isolation (MIQ) bookings for weeks., As health officials increasingly tackle the issue of Covid 19.

Covid 19 Response Minister Chris Hopkins said Wednesday that bookings for administratively isolated rooms would be extended to “a few more weeks” due to pressure on the suspension system.

Papakura Murray has opened the country’s first. Vaccination Center via Murray DriveAble to give between 300 and 400 vaccines a day. Murray’s chief executive, Tony Cock, said he knew local Mریori Wanao would feel safe and welcome his death.

“Our Wanao Maori have confidence and trust in our victims, and I would say that in a slightly crappy way, but it’s a fact,” he told the media at the Vaccine Center launch on Wednesday.

Auckland’s three District Health Boards She has called in intensive care staff across the country to help her. Answer to Cowid 19. As of Wednesday, 32 people who had taken Delta form were in hospital.

Air New Zealand is proposing the mandatory Covid 19 vaccination for about 4,000 staff, about half of its workforce. About 23,300 Air New Zealand cabin crew, pilots, engineers and maintenance, airport and supply chain workers are already covered under the mandatory vaccination order introduced by the government in July.

Places of interest.

Around 40 of Auckland’s 40 supermarkets will be added to the list of places of interest linked to the Covid 19 outbreak on Wednesday afternoon..

Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, director general of health, said supermarkets would be added to the list of “precautionary” locations.

“People visited these supermarkets which were later identified as a positive case. The risk assessment is low due to social distance and PPE.

Bloomfield said people who went to the supermarkets didn’t need to take the test at the time, but should look for any signs of Covid 19.

Lockdown life.

Check out what good things are happening. Neighborhoods during lockdown.

The streets are full of runners and cyclists, but there are. Other fitness options Discover during your lockdown.

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