Do these eye-watering moisturizers work?

Vanessa Sherson arranges three moisturizers that offer a return on investment.


Vanessa Sherson arranges three moisturizers that offer a return on investment.

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I was raised in a family of five in the sixties, so moisturizers were as common in our home as nuclear bras. My English nanny insisted that a woman needs a pool of cold cream. It had a peach and cream color until it died, so who can argue?

My sisters and I preferred olan oil (later oily oil), a thick pink beauty liquid with a scent of pink feathers. He promised a “younger look”, which we had a strange appeal to pre-adolescent youth.

As I get older, I’ve used a variety of products for my changing skin texture (and, occasionally, my changing bank balance). What do I know now, while. Some cheap moisturizers are fine., The best moisturizers are at a price that will cause your face to bleed.

But then again, you only need the smallest amount, so they last for ages. They are financially useful if you are looking for a return on investment. All three fulfilled their promise.

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Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Moisture Cream SPF 30, $ 270.

My skin has paid the price for sitting on the surfboard in the sixties, waiting for the perfect set of waves to pass. Who knew, 50 years later, it would be a pity. But this oh so beautiful silky, whipped cream with buttermilk, looks up to the challenge.

Listed as one of VogueLast year’s top beauty product, it’s light to the touch and smooth to apply. My skin felt nourished and protected. Ingredients include the big-hitting antioxidant ID benon ester, for which Elizabeth Arden has a patent, and which has been given a stronger status than vitamin E.

It was originally used medically to prevent oxidation of organs during transplantation, but later a local application was discovered to protect skin cells from environmental damage.

Older fuses, shea, cocoa butter, retinol lanolite – derived from a vitamin A – as well as herbal seeds are in the mix to smooth out the cracks. Also, the SPF of 30 is, if I get back on my board I can prevent further sun damage (unlikely). The product makes the light feel like air, but it packs a heavy punch. My skin glowed with approval.

La Mer de Moisturizing Cream, $ 545.

Apparently the likes of at least two Kardashians, Leo Tyler and Demi Moore. I bought it years ago because I liked the name. What could be healthier than seafood?

This time, I forgot to read the instructions and tried to remove the cream from the jar directly on my sleeping skin. Doha! La Mir has to wrap up to perform. Precious with a small plastic spoon from this pot, warm with fingers, then gently press on your face.

Its secret ingredient is “Miracle Soup”, which is reportedly made from a hand-cut seaweed that prevents aging. Lime tea is said to prevent environmental damage. It felt fat to start with, but it grew on me as the week went on and the foundation was solid.

AMOREPACIFIC Time Response Skin Reserve Cream, $ 7.23.

My second “Prayer!” There was a moment in trying to enter the product. In packaging, the top looks like the bottom.

The moisturizer is silky smooth, even strong to the touch, but once you warm it between your fingers, it spreads a little farther. The key ingredient is green tea, allegedly hand-picked. Naturally fermented for 50 days Traditional Korean Ongi pots before the age of 50, which are also used to make kamchi (fermented vegetables) and soybean paste. So far, so healthy. The benefits of extracting green tea leaves as an antioxidant are well documented.

I don’t expect moisturizers to return dramatically. They are more for lubrication, pampering and protection. But, for people like me, who are now dry-faced around the edges, the cream made a clear difference in mid-winter. My skin felt better So I did.

Most of our beauty products are gifted to our reviewers who need to be tested over a period of time. The editorial opinion is the author’s own.

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