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Where did we leave Monday, oh?

Ah, I think about it here

… Judy was scheduled for surgery the next day!

“Haven’t you had this surgery before?” I asked him. But it looks like it was pushed back a few months, and just our luck, it was the day after the list came out.

This time could not have been worse. I mean, I guess Judy could have been literally in the operating room when I emailed her, but she’ll still be out in time.

What if we saw this place and liked it and wanted to make an offer? then what?

We’ve been waiting for Condo to come to this building for two years! What should we do now?

(to be continued…)

I could already feel the air coming out of Judy’s cells. She is a brave woman and she actually refused the surgery, “Well, it’s not like I’m going to be out for several days at the end. There’s a day’s recovery and I’ve been discharged.

What a soldier!

I was just north, so I set Judy up with Tara and they went to see the condo.

This afternoon, I saw two miss calls, one from Tara at 3:44 and one from Judy at 3:48.

Unless there was a fire in the building or some other memorable occasion, I was sure we had a “winner” with this unit.

I called Judy right away and of course she was on the plane. The place was perfect! Lots of square footage, but not enough to use. Great layout, room for a reading area, lots of natural light, and space for a few “projects” in the near future so they can stamp their place.

Judy asked me what the condo was going to sell for, and I told her I would be surprised if we bought it at the list price, but when we got to that moment we Will cross

Listing agents wanted 48 hours on offers, and sometimes we consider it a ploy, and “soft offer history”, I knew these agents and had worked with them in the past, and they explained that Far more story here.

The sale was made through a power of attorney and was incredibly complex. There were five children who needed to consult the POA and they were all in different parts of the world. So this was not a “soft offer date” in exchange for taking offers at 7:30 pm on September 7, but a request for offers to be unavoidable for 48 hours.

If you are an agent reading this, consider that we have all made a listing where we really are. Need 48 hours on offer, but then some assholes give us offers at 6:00 pm with a fixed date of 9:00 pm.

Is this allowed? Indeed

As a buyer’s agent, should you do this? It really depends.

We were here on Thursday afternoon, and Judy was leaving for surgery on Friday. She will be out of commission until Saturday, so we had two options:

1) Submit an offer with Atal on Thursday night at 11:59. Be a bully, try to force their hand, but completely end any relationship I have with listing agents and risk leaving the move behind.

2) Submit the offer within 48 hours and leave it open till Saturday, this is how it works. with Listing agent, but leaving the door open for other offers.

“Kill them with kindness,” is the saying.

I knew these agents and have enjoyed working with them in the past. They Required Time to deal with their seller, so trying to put this offer around their necks with only 3-4 hours on Thursday night was giving me no brownie points. Not only that, if they really, really can’t get it. Five The kids will agree to an action in 3-4 hours, then I’ll get upset, and have to resubmit some angry listing agents.

Judy was riding on our plan, and I asked her to go to her local bank and get a bank draft for about 5% of the purchase price so that we could submit a deposit photo with the offer and POA And show five. Kids, we were serious. Judy wanted to show a friend a condo from “Block Down”, so she went back with Tara a few hours later, and gave us a bank draft to take us back to the office.

I’ll be honest, I don’t think I make friends very easily. I know I’m difficult, among other things. But in life, there are people like Judy who make friends wherever they go, and even though she’s only been in town for less than a year, she literally has more friends than me! He made friends in his rented building, he made friends in the park, and he made friends. others Friend

Judy’s friend who attended the show tonight gave the condo a thumbs up, and we submitted our offer for the full list price on Thursday night, with a deposit check in hand, no conditions as we checked the condominium status. The certificate had already been reviewed and Judy did not need financial assistance to buy it in cash.

The listing agent and I are grateful for our client’s concerns.

Whose hand was hard?

Of Buyer If we find ourselves in competition, we will not be able to work with signbacks or offer better offers on Fridays.

Of Sellers He was working through a power of attorney that needed to be talked to. Five Different people to move forward

When deals are complicated, agents really need to work together to get them done. Yes, the market is hot, but deals are not as easy as people might think, or, as agents like me often show them in blog posts, conversations or interviews.

The listing agent and I agreed that we would wait until Saturday to resolve the offer so that both parties could work within a working timeline.

This, of course, opened the door to competitive offerings. But I never thought we would be the only offer, so I didn’t worry. At this point, I just. Expected To compete, and Judy was ready to reach $ 800,000.

If all this seems complicated yet, trust me when I say that the complications had not yet begun.

On Friday morning, Judy left me a voicemail and said that she had had surgery. no Go ahead as planned and she was waiting for further instructions from the hospital. if they. Did not Having the surgery as planned or within a similar time means that it can change our entire timeline for reviewing the offer.

By Friday night, Judy. even now She didn’t go for surgery, and yet she looked more anxious to buy her next condo. I told her, “Just focus on yourself and your health, if that means anything to me.”

But that was not true. I didn’t believe in “being”.

As fate will have (no punishment intended), neither will Judy. Because he said to me, flat out, “I don’t believe ‘David means’. I want to believe it, but I think we can just keep working on it and make it possible.

The listing agent told me he would handle our offer on Saturday afternoon, but at that point, another offer was coming. Our offer was unconditional and we had a deposit check, so hopefully it will benefit us a little bit, but I told Judy we would have to increase our price.

As of Friday night, Judy had not yet had surgery. He sent me a text and said. If The surgery took place on Saturday morning, she will be out this evening.

Now, we were in trouble.

With an offer on Saturday at 12 noon, and a competitive offer, the timeline wasn’t just joining here.

I began to think that there was no way to do it.

Some of you think this whole situation is just ridiculous – try to buy a condo from the hospital bed! But that’s what Judy wanted. We spent two years Looking at this market and here we had the best place.

I was a little nervous on Friday night. I am one Option Boys. I don’t do well when I don’t have control. that’s why Time I hate time I hate time I hate that over time I have no effect. Or time is running out. But it’s also a topic for another day;

In the end, it was a lack of control Plural Unknown who was just hitting me.

On Saturday morning, I saw a very early text from Judy, “Going for surgery right now, talk soon.”

Talk to you soon!

Talk to you soon?

This brave woman! He played it like it was nothing! “Soon” we’ll throw pillows for the sofa in her new condo!

As I waited to hear from Judy, I Also Heard from the listing agent, which I really forgot about. You know, that whole ‘competitive offer’ situation! Lady Luck was with us today, Logo. The agent who was going to bring the competitive offer decided. no , And so the Power of Attorney and the five children decided that it was time to move on to our offer.

Offer Almost two days have passed since we submitted our offer, and this is an eternity in real estate. From Thursday night to Saturday afternoon, another offer never came.

It was a sweet scene when I looked in my inbox and saw an email from the listing agent with the subject line, “Accepted Offer.”

“Paging Judy. ”

Judy had just bought a condo and didn’t even know it.

Take it with a pinch of salt if you want, but I don’t know how any other offer, or two, or three, didn’t work out. Maybe it was the time of year, although the market has been hot for August. Maybe it was the fact that we worked on the offer over the weekend, and it was a beautiful, warm weekend, the second last summer. Or maybe this building isn’t getting love yet. But honestly, I bet on any amount that this unit sold for $ 800,000. Don’t get me wrong, Judy could have afforded $ 800,000, but in that case, she wouldn’t have to!

Judy texted me early in the evening that he was out of surgery, a little upset, but he knew where he was.

I called him, half expecting him to get a voicemail, but he answered.

“Okay … hello, David,” he said, partial question, partial statement.

Judy, you bought a condo.“I said, ‘Don’t waste any time saying hello or small things, as I’ve always done. Why put someone in suspense, okay?’

Judy was incredible.

In complete shock. Out of fear

She started to cry, and I don’t think it was the pain of surgery or the joy of buying a condo, but maybe just taking the whole picture at once.

He thanked me very much.

“You’re stuck with me. two years, David. two years! You did it, I can’t thank you enough, “he said, and when I don’t take compliments very easily, I absorb it. We did well, he and I. We gave time. , Went through the motions, and we did it together.

Two years is a long time, and with epidemics, it seemed even longer. But looking back on his time with Judy, it seems to be flying. I can’t believe we took it in. One In terms of square footage and layout, the building where he wanted it, and we did it on a massive budget after a significant increase in prices since we first met.

Most agents will tell you that every purchase or sale is special, or that every client is great, but that may not be true. That’s just what they say.

This experience with Judy, even if it involves buying a condo. Yet It’s okay to go for major surgery, or just the trust and confidence he put in me from day one. It was one of the books.

Buying a condo while balancing major surgery? Easy for Judy.

Sending home the MLS listing of your new condo back home in Scotland? A little less easy. ۔

Sometimes in life, strong people just get up on this occasion. And Judy’s strength and determination were impressive.

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