Extensive flood damage at Whangārei Golf Club.

The remnants of a flooded weather system in West Auckland have cost a Wangori golf club thousands of dollars.


Image: 123rf

More than 110 mm of rain has been recorded in some parts of the district since yesterday afternoon.

Darren Neely, president of Pines Golf Club, and his teammates spent four hours last night in the dark, cleaning up the dirt and water through the vegetable and fairgrounds, socially far away.

He returned at 7.30 in the morning.

“We had knee-deep water over one of our greens and we had water – we’re not sure how deep it is – but at least the waist was deep, maybe big, running in a quarter of a golf club. The amount of odor. “

“It will cost a few thousand dollars to repair the damage,” Neely said.

“We have to try to do some more drainage work on the green and try to get some air into the roots because the mud shuts everything down.”

Still, he said the damage was not as bad as last year’s floods when a slip blocked the water that then flowed over the club’s property.

Meteorologist Stephen Glacier of the Met Service said that the heaviest rainfall in Tai Tokiro so far had been concentrated around Wangari and would continue into the evening.

“Rain from the south is slowly receding throughout the day. We have received a warning of heavy rain by 6 pm, this is for the eastern part of the Northland, south of Cape Creek. We will receive another 30 to 60 mm of rain.” Looking forward to it. “

Fire and Emergency New Zealand Mori Vinova Area Commander Vipari Hanwood said weather-related callouts were still manageable.

“Northlanders use events like this …

He reminded residents to “keep an eye on rising water levels.”

“Take practical steps, make sure all your drainage and gutters are clean so they don’t get blocked and you don’t have to worry.”


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