Large queues for coveted 19 jabs, staff illness puts pressure on the clinic.

Older people were among those who had to wait 90 minutes to be booked in advance. Covid-19 Vaccination as a staff disease and growing demand put pressure on Christchurch Clinic.

Demand Vaccination is high After a massive increase in the number of doses given in the last week.

For the week ending Tuesday, vaccinators administered about 60,000 vaccines throughout Canterbury. Almost double last week’s 32,000 doses..

Last week’s push pushed the region beyond the planned 20,000 doses.

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However, frustration at Princess Margaret Hospital’s vaccination clinic escalated on Wednesday when long queues forced people, including some elderly people, to wait up to 90 minutes for their pre-booked vaccinations.

Hunsbury resident Ann Chen said that when the staff was “amazing” and “incredibly helpful”, she found it difficult to stand in line for long periods of time.

People line up outside the Princess Margaret Hospital in Christchurch for the Covid 19 vaccination.

Chris Skeleton / Equipment.

People line up outside Princess Margaret’s Hospital in Christchurch for the Covid 19 vaccination.

Chen, who was receiving her second vaccination, said those who booked after her time were ahead of her in the queue and there seemed to be no line order.

He suggested that there should be separate queues for different time slots and another line for people with disabilities, so that people could wait in their cars until they were vaccinated instead of waiting in the cold.

One woman, who did not want to be named, skipped her 2.30pm appointment for her second meal after seeing the size of the queue and wanting to stand in the cold without a jacket.

The pre-booked vaccination at Princess Margaret Hospital in Christchurch awaited 90 minutes on Wednesday.

Chris Skeleton / Equipment.

The pre-booked vaccination at Princess Margaret’s Hospital in Christchurch waited until 90 minutes on Wednesday.

She went to another vaccination center and was immediately shocked, but she was worried that others might have left Princess Margaret at the hospital and not returned.

Canterbury District Health Board Acting Senior Responsible Officer for Code 19 Ralph LaSalle apologized for the longer waiting times than usual.

“We want to thank everyone … patience is being shown because our teams are working hard.

La Salle said additional staff were called in Wednesday to help because the clinic staff had contracted the disease, which increased waiting times.

“We are now seeing a reduction in waiting times.”

Ninety clinics were now providing vaccinations throughout Canterbury, and 227,000 Canterburies received their first dose, while 113,000 were now fully vaccinated.

Vaccination clinic staff check the details of a man in Christchurch on Wednesday.

Chris Skeleton / Equipment.

Vaccination clinic staff check the details of a man in Christchurch on Wednesday.

“There is an incredibly high demand for the Covid 19 vaccine in Canterbury, which is very encouraging.”

It was not clear if the Canterbury Health Authority would be able to maintain high rates as the supply of Pfizer vaccine was reduced to 184,000 doses in the week ended August 29.

Ashley Bloomfield, director general of health, warned that Auckland could be a priority. If additional supplies for the vaccine could not be reached.

Waiting hours at Christchurch's Princess Margaret Hospital have been reduced as staff were delayed due to illness.

Chris Skeleton / Equipment.

Waiting hours at Christchurch’s Princess Margaret Hospital have eased after a staff illness delayed Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Bloomfield told RNZ. Morning report. That vaccine supply to the rest of the country could be slowed down to give priority to Auckland, the epicenter of the current Cove 19 epidemic.

This could include increasing the number of vaccinators in Auckland.

All areas exceeded their planned vaccine targets last week, with about 5,550,000 doses distributed across the country. This was about 240,000 more than the weekly target of 306,185.

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