Places of interest in the Cove 19 Delta Spread: September 1.

New dates for some of Auckland’s 40 new places of interest have been added to the list of 366 linked to the spread of Covid 19.

An update at 6pm on Wednesday added new dates and times for Pohenoi de Dairy in Auckland’s locations such as Pakin Save Westgate, Tassi Market Macy’s and Papitoi.

Numerous supermarkets were added across the city on Wednesday, including several Pak’Senio, Countdown, Faro and New World sites.

Auckland's nearly 40 supermarkets will be added to the list of places of interest on Wednesday.  (File photo)

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Auckland’s nearly 40 supermarkets will be added to the list of places of interest on Wednesday. (File photo)

The advice on the Ministry of Health’s website says that, in most cases, people who are in supermarkets should monitor for signs of Covid 19 over the next 14 days.

County spokeswoman Kerry Haneefen said he was unaware of his sites in Ponceby and Warkworth that there were places of interest before the list was updated.

“Our Warkworth store is currently closed for cleaning and we hope the store will reopen later this evening.

“We will close Ponsenby soon for a deeper clean-up,” he said.

Other places of interest include dairies, small supermarkets such as Super Value and pharmacies.

More dates have been added for The Mate Apartments in Central Auckland, following a resident’s positive HIV test.

Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, director general of health, said supermarkets were being added to the list of “precautionary” locations.

“People visited these supermarkets which were later identified as a positive case. The risk assessment is low due to social distance and PPE. [personal protective equipment], “They said.

Where there are places of interest.

Most of the places of interest are in Auckland as there are epidemic centers in the region.

Universities, high schools, buses and supermarkets are all on the list.

Below is a complete list of places of interest and visits issued by the Ministry of Health.

Note that locations are being removed from the list after 18 days. This is because after such a long time, the Ministry of Health no longer considers them a threat to transmission or public health.

This list can be viewed in two ways: Date of visit. (There’s a new word with spaces added today) Or, if you change the toggle. Date included., Newly added locations appear at the top of the list.

If you were in a position of interest at a particular time, you would need to isolate and test yourself. Follow the instructions for this location. Ministry of Health website And call the health line. 0800 358 5453. For testing advice

This list is automatically updated as they appear in places of interest. Ministry of Health website.

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