Security has been beefed up at Auckland Airport following a student lockdown violation.

At Auckland Airport, two students were caught flying off the city in violation of lockdown laws.

Auckland Airport.

Auckland Airport.
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In recent days, a Victoria University student has moved from Auckland to Wellington without exception.

A student at the University of Otago flew from Auckland to Dunedin.

“It’s disappointing,” said Chris Hopkins, Covid 19’s response minister.

“These people should not travel, it is possible for them to break the rules.”

He said he would check that the security of the airport was functioning as it should.

“They should be checked before entering the airport terminal. The four previous level restrictions, and I just want to make sure that it is working exactly as it did before, the airport terminal. “People checked at the door to see why people were entering the terminal before they got anywhere near the plane.”

This evening, the Aviation Security Service said it made changes when it realized some passengers were not following the rules.

When Level Four started, security officers only asked for travel documents, such as boarding passes or travel documents, when people entered airports.

But the changes began yesterday morning.

Now, a passenger had to show his boarding pass, a qualification document and be asked why he was traveling.

If they do not meet the requirements, they cannot enter and if they object, the police will be called.

If the police were not available, they would have been handed over to the airport company.

Universities provided details of each case.

A spokesman for the AT Herringa Waka Victoria University of Wellington said a resident of T Pony Village returned to a residential hall on Sunday after violating government travel orders.

The spokesman said he and his family did not seem to fully understand the government’s instructions.

“The resident has returned the negative COVID-19 test and is isolated in the university’s alternative accommodation. The resident advised that he has not visited any of the places of interest published on the Ministry of Health’s website. Contact. “

He said that the matter has been referred to the police.

A spokesman for the University of Otago said the university could not comment on any particular situation as it was subject to a police investigation.

However, he confirmed that the student lives in a flat, and the university made sure that their flat mates do not live in the same address.

“Along with all the students, all other New Zealanders need to follow the government’s alert level guidelines. We are impressed with how the students as a whole have complied with the government’s rules. “We are in regular contact with the students and will advise them to return to the South to study when government rules enable the students.”

Police have confirmed that they have issued two violation notices to two people who left Auckland on Monday without exception.

Violation is fined $ 300.

Auckland Airport has been contacted for comment.


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