The mini-golf project for Palmerston North Esplanade clears the lease barrier.

A lease condition malfunction has been overcome to build a mini golf course at Victoria Esplanade in Palmerston North.

Work Smith / Equipment.

A lease condition malfunction has been overcome to build a mini golf course at Victoria Esplanade in Palmerston North.

Fundraising for the proposed mini-golf course at Victoria Esplanade in Palmerston North is ready to go ahead.

The Lions Club of Middle Districts plans to spend more than 3 330,000 to build the course near hockey turfs and playgrounds, and has the resources to do so.

But club spokesman Craig Hart said the City Council’s standard lease agreement contained potential deal-breakers that could force the lions to move away.

Facing the standard arrangement of a five-year lease with a five-year renewal right, the club asked city councilors to make changes to provide 10 years of security, with the possibility of another 10 years.

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Hart said there is an even more relevant clause that gives the council the right to terminate the lease at any time with three months’ notice.

He said the club could not afford to invest in the facility if the council retained the option to pull the plug on a better offer to use the land at any time.

The presence of this clause has alarmed potential sponsors and fund managers, and could damage the club’s ability to raise money to build the course.

The city council was not investing in development.

Hart said the council and the city are in danger of disappearing, a popular family activity, and a welfare scheme that will put all its profits into community services.

He said there was already another clause in the lease agreement that gave the council the power to operate if the club did not provide the facility and meet the expected standards in the city’s Premier Park.

He said that was enough, and the club agreed that the council should retain that power.

At Wednesday’s virtual council meeting, the majority of city councilors who heard the petition agreed.

Mayor Grant Smith said the Lions Club’s risk was minimal with 50 years of experience serving the “bully” community.

“This is not their first radio.”

The only difference was with Cr Vaughan Dennison.

He said the details of the course times and the allegations of playing are still a bit vague, and he would prefer the council to pull it off if something went wrong.

Cr Susan Baty said she would propose changing the quality of the fund set up by the council to help charitable groups pay development contributions, so she also used it to help with resource consent bills. can go.

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