Tokyo Paralympics: Daniel Aitchison won the second medal, the bronze medal, in the women’s 100m final.

New Zealand's Daniel Aitchison smiles after winning his warmth in the women's 100m T36 at the Paralympics on Wednesday.

Naomi Baker / Getty Images

New Zealand’s Daniel Aitchison smiles after winning his warmth in the women’s 100m T36 at the Paralympics on Wednesday.

Daniel Aitchison won his second medal at the Tokyo Paralympics, a bronze medal set by China’s Shi Yating behind the world record in the 100m T36 sprint.

The 20-year-old from Petunga, Waikato, won a bronze medal in the 200m T36 final on Sunday, both times behind Flying Eating.

This took New Zealand to 10 medals, on the eighth day of the Paralympics, swimmer Sophie Pascoe won her second gold medal and her fourth overall.

Aitchison was the fastest qualifier in the morning heat at 14.35 seconds, which sealed her medal certificate for the final at the Olympic Stadium.

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But there was no competition for fielding, which took 13.61 seconds, a world record in the 100m-200m doubles. It was a tough rear race, with 0.05 seconds between second and fourth.

Russia’s Elena Ivanova won silver in 14.60 and Aitchison won bronze in 14.62. It looked as if she would miss out on the medals before beating Argentina’s Janina Andrea Martinez by 0.03 seconds in a row.

It has already been a memorable first Paralympics for Aitchison, Who won silver Women’s 200m T36 final on Sunday in 29.88 seconds.

Her journey to the Paralympics has been impressive.

Caused by severe jaundice, cerebral palsy and 80-90% hearing loss, there were complications..

Aitchison, who is also deaf but can hear with cochlear implants, sometimes has difficulty walking as a child.

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