Uber drivers wait two hours for a take-off order in Hamilton.

Uber driver McDonald's is waiting outside Frankton's door.


Uber driver McDonald’s waits outside Frankton’s door.

On Wednesday night in Hamilton, the craze for takeaways was at its peak, with Ober drivers reporting two hours of waiting time for their customers to eat.

On Hamilton’s Techway Lane, on Greenwood St., cars were plying the road for KFC, and more than 50 Uber drivers were waiting outside McDonald’s Frankton.

A Hamilton Uber driver, who did not want to be named, said. Equipment She waited in line for about two hours to get two chicken burgers and 10 packs of chicken nuggets.

John Copeland / Alphapex.

The entire car park was surrounded by a drive outside McDonald’s in Hastings. Credit: John Copeland / Alphapex.

“I launched the app tonight and the first thing I did was order Macas,” he said.

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“Then when I arrived, I saw that there were 50 other drivers around the door.”

He said no one was socially isolated and the two were not wearing masks.

Ober’s online ordering system ensures that most techway franchises have the ability to prevent Ober applications from being accepted.

He said many Hamilton fast food outlets did so in last year’s lockdown when they were defeated.

The KFC Franklin Line was aided by burger fuel.


The KFC Franklin Line was aided by burger fuel.

The woman did not understand why McDonald’s Franklin did not do so.

“I’ve been waiting here for about two hours for an $ 8 meal, which is just ridiculous.

“Showing one driver every five minutes, but only one order every 10-15 minutes.”

Everywhere in the south of Auckland. On Wednesday, the Cove 19 Alert was moved to Level 3..

Easing restrictions Saw snapping lines on fast food pairs across the country..

Unnecessary businesses are now able to reopen with social distance and non-contact trade rules.

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