USA Cup: Team New Zealand retaliates against Mark Dunfi’s plans.

Team New Zealand's defense of the USA Cup in the 37th regatta is yet to come.

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Team New Zealand’s defense of the USA Cup in the 37th regatta is yet to come.

Team New Zealand members retaliated by attacking Mark Dunfey, accusing him of compromising his efforts to defend the USA Cup and calling his demand for head of syndicate boss Grant Dalton a “mental distress”.

A day after wealthy listmaker Danfi claimed he had a consortium of private supporters with funds to allow the team to defend the New Zealand Cup at home – provided Dalton was not part of the administration. A group that describes itself as a “long-term team member” broke its silence in harsh words..

He made it clear that he wanted Dalton to remain in charge and did not welcome the intervention of Grimmoth Petroleum CEO Danfi.


RNZ Podcast Description: Looking at the 2021 USA Cup, was it able to hold the world’s oldest yacht race here?

“We’ve experienced the good and the bad, the win and the loss and everything in between, and we think it enables us to say that the 37th USA Cup is about defending and winning,” he said in a statement. So who is better to lead this team. ” Team New Zealand on the website and social media channels.

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“So, to assume that as a group of people we would only welcome the departure of someone like the Dalits, who got this team, our country and other people far beyond your imagination and Granted, it’s mind-boggling. “

The unnamed group said Dalton was “at the heart” of a syndicate that led him to consecutive US Cup victories after losing the previous two.

“He’s a big driver of the team’s performance and right now Mr Dunfey’s actions are compromising our performance towards winning the 37th USA Cup.”

Team New Zealand CEO Grant Dalton has a lot on his mind as the clock is ticking in the announcement of America's next big cup.

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Team New Zealand CEO Grant Dalton has a lot on his mind as the clock is ticking in the announcement of America’s next big cup.

He noted that Danfi had made a phone call to Dalton and refused to meet with the team management or their board.

“Mr. Dunfey has publicly undermined the team structure as well as the absolute dedication and determination that the Dalits have consistently shown for 18 years since taking over the ashes of the defeated team, to make it the most successful America.” Coin – Cup team in modern history with our proud yacht club, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron.

“… Mr Dunfey has shown no transparency or consultation with the team, nor has he offered confidence in any form, shape or form of action that would allow a successful defense of the 37th USA Cup that once again Our only focus is treating our people – without them, we would be nothing.

The team statement said Dalton used the power of a team’s concept, “something money can’t buy and something Mr Dunfey has clearly downplayed by realizing that he only buys at Dalts’ expense.” can.”

Equipment Danfi has had difficulty contacting him since he expressed his views on Dalton on Tuesday afternoon. There are indications that he will be ready to comment further on Thursday.

Team New Zealand and Royal New Zealand are ready to announce the host of the next USA Cup on September 17. After failing to agree on financial terms with the New Zealand government and Auckland, it is definitely moving towards a last minute Auckland deal. Can be hit.

Dalton, who the team says has raised more than 500 500 million in sponsorship over the past four campaigns, wants a deal that would save enough money to defend another successful defender. To ensure this, hosting fees are included in any foreign agreement.

Clearly, as much as we would love to run in Auckland, we would win the flag of New Zealand, RNZYS and our team with pride anywhere in the world, rather than undermining the winning team structure and losing in Auckland. Will None of us want a repeat of 2003.

“As any traveling Kiwi understands, you always fly the Kiwi flag with pride when you are making it off-shore.”

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