Virarpa businesses enjoy limited trade, expecting Level 2 freedoms soon.

In some parts of Verapa, traffic was diverted to car parks and roads today as people cleared their way as the area went to Cove 19 Alert Level 3.

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Demand for McDonald’s in Maestro stopped traffic.
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Hospitality businesses, large and small, are offering uninterrupted service, with burgers and chicken nuggets in front of many people’s minds in fast food lines.

One woman said. RNZ He had to call the police because the line outside McDonald’s was blocking traffic through a main roundabout.

Andre du Perez, owner of McDonald’s Masterton, expected police to be involved in traffic management during Alert Level 3 last year.

But they are openly happy for a number of reasons, including evicting their staff from their homes.

“The staff gets bored at home.”

“People are just sitting there … How much Netflix can you watch?”

Du Perez said seeing his staff smile was “great” and “an important factor.”

Although he thought it would be easy to operate at Level 3, he sees the Virarpa region at Alert Level 2, primarily for business purposes.

“I think Virarapa is a bubble inside a bubble.”

“Our integrity to this virus is very good at keeping it out,” he said.

However, in Kanga Atri, which opened just three months ago in the nearby town of Carterton, customer traffic was slow.

Outside, the car park was almost full, but owner Shelley Routine said only a few customers got in her way.

Most are going to the supermarket.

It was exactly what he had hoped for, but he thought the sale of coffee would be more popular.

Routine is happy to be at Level 3 in a personal sense and to protect everyone, but she is wary of having a volatile situation for her business.

He decided not to open Level 3, but decided to consult with other business owners.

“Another reason for the opening was for my staff to reconnect.

“I had to do it and I decided to do it,” he said.

On the streets of Masterton, going to level 3 is not important for most people.

Vicki Lewis said her bubble was “just the same old, the same old” with no takeaway priority.

“We’re not really in a hurry to get anything.”

Sally Morris agrees that she was in the cafe scene but will continue to cook at home until she enjoys it instead of the takeaway.

But she wanted to see Virarapa move to Alert Level 2 soon.

“It’s getting hot now and it would be nice to get out of the house,” Morris said.

Hannah Sullivan wanted to see people help local businesses instead of big companies, go out for coffee in the morning.

He thought it would be nice if the area was in Level 2 next week but “only if it’s safe”.

“It will probably have a huge impact on business now and if there is no case in the region, I don’t see why we shouldn’t do it.”


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