Cowed 19: ‘No End in sight’ for Australians stranded in New Zealand

Australians are stranded in New Zealand. Delta expansion. And the closure of the Trans-Tasman bubbles makes them feel like they’ve forgotten.

A limited number of Red flights to Australia offered by Air New Zealand sold out in minutes. On Thursday, with those who could not say when they would come home.

Passengers say there is hardly any information or help available. Since August 25, the Australian government has abruptly suspended all quarantine-free travel from New Zealand., Without offering a grace period to enable residents to return.

The complete closure of the Trans-Tasman bubble has left the Kiwis and Australians stranded on both sides of the gorge.

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The complete closure of the Trans-Tasman bubble has left the Kiwis and Australians stranded on both sides of the gorge.

David Wood, a resident of Sunshine Coast, traveled to Queen Stone on a ski vacation on July 18.

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He was to return to Brisbane on August 1 with Qantas, but. After Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern suspended her quarantine-free trip to Australia for eight weeks.Qantas cancels flights

It had booked another flight with Air New Zealand for September 16, but that flight has been canceled due to the spread of the community, with no other flight schedule.

“It was going to be a two-week holiday and it turned into seven weeks with no end in sight,” he said.

“The most frustrating thing is that there were no notices. When Australia’s first borders have been closed, various state prime ministers have given notice that their borders are about to close – so they usually take you home. Gives 48 hours.

“There was nothing – no announcement, no notice. I think it’s a pity.”

Sunshine Coast resident David Wood is trapped in Queen Stone.


Sunshine Coast resident David Wood is trapped in Queen Stone.

Wood said he tried to buy Red Flight Home on Thursday but failed. He was now considering whether it would be possible to book a charter flight with others to return to Brisbane.

As a last resort, he also booked a flight from Singapore to Taipei via Brisbane on November 2, which would mean he would have to travel from Auckland to Singapore.

“I don’t want to do that, obviously. But at least that would mean I’m back home for Christmas – which is doubtful, otherwise.”

Wood said he was able to work remotely, but during the lockdown he felt isolated in his rented accommodation.

“The only thing I can do is go for a walk or ride a motorbike – no talking to anyone. My special thing is to zoom in with colleagues in Australia.

“It’s definitely not the holiday I intended.”

‘I have spent all my savings’

Tania Nguyah Ellers, who has lived in Brisbane for 11 years, flew to New Zealand on July 30 to help with a family health emergency.

Tania Ngwahre Ellers is worried that she will lose her job in Brisbane.


Tania Ngwahre Ellers is worried that she will lose her job in Brisbane.

She had planned to come here for only two weeks, but now she has spent five weeks in Brisbane with her husband and four children, without knowing when she will see them again.

Ngawhare-Elers, who suffered a stroke four years ago, said her immediate concern was taking her medication. It cost ڈالر 700 to send a copy.

“I have spent all my savings,” he said.

“We have booked a lot of flights and I had to do quad tests before the flights and then they canceled them.”

Adding to his financial woes, his employer told him back home that he would only be employed for two weeks.

“My fear is that I’m going home and I won’t get a job – and it’s very difficult for us there because we don’t get financial help.”

Melbourne residents Daniel Hunter and Simon Goodenich traveled to Auckland on July 29 to celebrate their recent engagement with their family.

His flight to Melbourne was scheduled for August 22, but when the community case was announced on August 17, he tried to book a flight home at 8 a.m. the next day. But that flight was canceled at midnight, and four subsequent flights have since been canceled.

The pair also missed Thursday’s Red Flights, despite being “five different devices and three of us ready to go.”

“At 10 o’clock in the morning we went in, and we got the flights and managed to give some details, but whenever we clicked to try and pay, it would say, ‘These seats have been taken, it is no longer available. Rent, “Hunter said.

“You go back and the price will double. By the end they have reached about flight 900 per flight.

The couple said they were disappointed by the lack of communication or information from the Australian government.

He also wondered why red flights would be needed first, when the state of Victoria had a red zone permit system that enabled residents to return from the Cove 19 hotspot, unless they separated themselves at home. Keep isolated 14 days

When he was living with family in Auckland and Hunter was able to work remotely, a nurse, Godinich, said she felt “guilty” of being trapped in New Zealand while her partner Victoria’s Covid 19 spread. Are fighting

“I really want to go home so I can go back to work.”

Another nurse, Belinda Stephenson, left the Gold Coast for Christchurch on July 22 to visit her parents and enjoy a bubble holiday after saving the July 5 holiday.

Belinda Stephenson has lived in Australia for over 20 years, and became a citizen in 2009.


Belinda Stephenson has lived in Australia for over 20 years, and became a citizen in 2009.

After canceling his original flight home on August 24, he booked five more flights – all of which were canceled.

“I’ve spent a lot of time worrying about it over the last two weeks and trying to find a way home,” he said.

“My stepfather suggested that I call the shipping companies and offer to work on the ships to try to pass.”

When she said she was in a better position than others because she was able to live with her parents, she felt her life was at a standstill, her 19-year-old twin daughters and her job at home. Waiting to come back

She also did not understand why there could be no green flights from Christchurch to Australia, as there was no case of Covid 19 on the South Island.

“I wanted to be an all black or wiggle and not a registered nurse so I could get home.”

Meanwhile, Tim Nolman and Porto Pocitapo were preparing to start their new life in Brisbane, where Nolman belongs.

Tim Nolman, husband Porto and their 13-month-old daughter.


Tim Nolman, husband Porto and their 13-month-old daughter.

The two had a job – Nolman as a doctor at Queensland Health – and the couple was looking forward to introducing their 13-month-old daughter to their Australian grandparents for the first time.

He had sold his Lower Hut home, shipped all his luggage to Brisbane, and was planning to spend a few weeks with Wana before leaving, just after his flight to New Zealand Lockdown. Had to cancel

Noelman said he re-booked his flight four times, just to cancel them all.

On one occasion, he packed his luggage into suitcases, said goodbye to his family, and was on his way to catch his flight to Auckland at Wellington Airport when he received a message that he was leaving for Brisbane the next day. Has been canceled. .

Although their luggage was due to arrive in Brisbane on September 15, they had no idea when they would arrive – if at all. Knollman said he would give her another six weeks before reconsidering the move.

“We’ve got a 13-month-old baby and obviously you want some kind of stability with a baby,” he said.

“We’re sleeping in a guest bedroom in a cousin’s house. We can’t do that forever.

Following the sale of its red flights to Australia on Thursday, Air New Zealand chief executive officer Greg Foran said in a statement that the Australian government had allocated less than 250 isolated seats to the airline.

“Our hearts go out to the customers who have lost.”

If the airline receives an additional allotment, it will be made available to customers for online booking. Users are advised to check the Air New Zealand website for updates.

“We take responsibility for taking people seriously and will continue to operate as long as MIQ space is provided by the Australian Government.

“Our teams have worked tirelessly to operate and operate these organized return flights so that we can reconnect customers with their loved ones, and we are committed to getting them home as safely and quickly as possible.”

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