LynnMall called a ‘terrorist attack’ a ‘known threat to New Zealand’.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says today’s attack on the New Lin Countdown supermarket was carried out by a violent extremist.

The prime minister and police commissioner are addressing the media when the man was shot dead at a West Auckland Mall this afternoon.

Watch the media conference here:

Six people – all buyers of the mall – are believed to have been injured in the incident at Lin Mall in New Lin.

St. John said three patients were taken to Auckland City Hospital in critical condition and one in critical condition. One patient was taken to VitaCare Hospital in a mild condition. And one patient has been taken to Middlemore Hospital in critical condition.

Order revealed that the terrorist is a Sri Lankan citizen who arrived in New Zealand in October 2011 and has been in the national security interest since 2016.

The reasons she knows the agencies are subject to suppression orders, but Ordner said it is her view that sharing as much information as possible is in the public interest.

The Prime Minister said that the terrorist has a violent ideology influenced by the Islamic State, but it would be wrong to spread frustration on anyone other than this individual. She said she was personally aware of the terrorist before today’s attack.

Arden said it was a “stupid attack” and regretted it.

“What happened today was disgusting. It was done by one person.”

Arden said the man was under constant surveillance, and was shot dead 60 seconds after the attack began.

The police team that was monitoring him was shot dead.

Coaster said the man was under heavy surveillance because of concerns about his ideology.

He entered the shop and found a knife inside the shop before launching an attack.

The man was shot dead when he approached police with a knife.

Coaster said surveillance teams “could be as close as possible without compromising on surveillance”.

“I acknowledge that this situation raises questions about whether the police could have done more, whether the police could have intervened more quickly. Based on the information available to me, I am satisfied that the staff involved Not only did he do what we expected, but he did it with great courage.

“The fact is that when you are monitoring someone on a 24/7 basis, it is not always possible to be with them immediately. The staff intervened as soon as possible and they prevented further injury. That was a terrible situation. “

“All legal and surveillance powers have been used to protect people from this person,” Ordner said.

“All I can say is that we have used every legal and surveillance force we have to try to keep people safe from this person. There were a lot of agencies and people involved and all the same. Impressed with the thing – trying to keep people safe. “

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Image: RNZ / Marika Khabazi.

Coaster said there was nothing to tell police the extent of his intentions, or that he intends to do so today.

He said the individual was highly aware of the surveillance, and that monitoring teams needed to maintain distance to be effective.

“There was nothing to stop him from being in the community and we were doing our best to monitor him and the fact that we were able to intervene so quickly – in about 60 seconds – shows that How closely we were watching it. “

Ordner said the local Muslim community was “nothing but a helper and a helper. It would be wrong to disappoint anyone beyond that person. That is what is guilty, that is what is responsible – no one else.”

He said that his past behavior and actions did not reach the threshold of keeping him in jail, due to which he was under constant surveillance.

An eyewitness told RNZ that he saw a man walking around armed with a knife and heard many people screaming.

Another shopper who was in the supermarket at the time heard someone screaming before the buyers started running towards the door.

A large number of armed police and ambulances are at the scene.


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