Quaid 19 Answer Day 17: How it came to be

There were calls today to avoid complacency. Only 28 new cases of covid 19 in the community. Health officials announced.

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A total of 49 cases were reported. Today’s case in Wellington was a close contact of the current person and was already in the MIQ.

There are now 731 active Kwid 19 cases.

Director of Public Health Dr. Caroline McAllen said the nation needs to be careful about the long tail of the Delta variant but get out and create problems.

The hospital now has 43 people, all in the Auckland area – nine in the ICU and three on the ventilator.

Following a call for health workers to help spread the Delta in Auckland, 130 healthcare staff from across Aotearoa raised their hands..

More than 70% of New Zealanders 12 years of age or older had booked a vaccination or had been given a dose.

More vaccines.

Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson told the media today that the government is still negotiating for more vaccines.

He said New Zealand was continuing to supply vaccines from Pfizer but more supplies were needed to meet the demand.

Less risk than escape.

The Ministry of Health today updated its areas of interest, including several more supermarkets in Auckland.

However, Robertson confirmed that they were present today. There is no public place of interest with the fugitive. Arranged a separation facility in Ellersley yesterday morning.

CCTV showed him leaving his room at 1.07am before leaving the facility.

He went home but had no contact with the others. Police and Defense Force personnel checked his room, then went to his home and took him into custody at 2.05 p.m.

Robertson said health officials believe there is less risk to public safety during the incident.

Earlier, Auckland Mayor Phil Goff On. Morning report. He termed the escape measures as selfish and irresponsible.

He stayed in a security-guarded room at the Jet Park Quarantine Hotel today.

Wage subsidy overload.

This morning, the work and income website was overloaded, making it difficult for businesses to apply for a second round of wage subsidies.

The website incorrectly informed the applicants last night that the first round cut-off time was closed, when in fact it should have remained open till midnight.

The Ministry of Social Development extended the application deadline to 7 a.m. today.

Applications for the second phase opened at 9 a.m. today, but complaints on the ministry’s Facebook page indicate that the website is not working.

The ministry said the problem is more page traffic, and people should try again later.

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Finance Minister Grant Robertson.
Image: RNZ / Samuel Realstone

Robertson said today that about 242,000 applications have received 98 989 million in payments since the applications opened on August 20.

He also announced that the ministers had agreed to reduce the time of operation from six months to one month to be eligible to apply for payment to a business entity.

Maori vaccination efforts

The Maori are urging the government to rely on them to guide vaccination efforts in their communities.

Dozens of locals this week turned to the Cove 19 vaccination clinic in Macau, within the Tarnaki and Vitomo Districts, set up by M ماori health provider Toi Ora.

Rory Johnson, co-leader of T-Rapi Wahakapapa Aruti, said the low vaccination figures for Maori were completely predictable because the vaccination rollout was never designed with Maori in mind.

But Maori and Pacifica will not have to book vaccinations at any of the Vonao and Ora centers.

The new policy was announced today by the commission’s chief executive, John Temeier.

He said it removed a barrier for those who did not know how to access the online booking system.

The latest figures show that about one in seven people have been shot by Pfizer in the past week, but for Maori the number was closer to one in 11.

The Northland Alert moves to Level 3.

Many businesses in the Northland reopened to their customers today as the region celebrated its first day at Alert Level 3.

Thérèse Wickbom, director of CC’s Caf Cinema in Carrie, was among those who are now carrying contactless food and drinks.

But he said his thoughts are on businesses that have chosen not to open because the last time they were at level 3 they found it very difficult.

Wick Boom said his business relies on community support, because the community depends on it.

Police and the Tai Tokraw Border Patrol are examining the necessary travel between Wanghari, Kekoh and Karikari on State Highway 1.

Image: RNZ / Samantha Oli

Meanwhile, North IUI leader Hon Haraweera said his community plans to establish half a dozen control areas around Tai Tokirao.

He told Morning report. He was working with the police to create information points for the community to keep people safe.

But he said that if he met someone who should not be there, he would tell them to turn around and go home.

There are police. There are now five checkpoints in operation. Between the two areas

But Haraweera said that when the nation went through the first level of 4 lockdown, hundreds of people fled Auckland to their holiday homes.


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