Tokyo Paralympics: Former head of Paralympics out of TV coverage of Kiwi Gold Medal

Former New Zealand Paralympic Games chef de Mission Ben Lucas has lost. TVNZ Long jump gold medalist Anna Graemeldy’s failure to screen the full event. Duke Channel

Lucas, a wheelchair racer at the 1996 Atlanta and 2000 Sydney Paralympics, was Chef de Mission in Rio in 2016, where Grimaldi won his first gold medal.

“It’s horrible to watch,” he said. Duke Get away from the long jump in Tokyo on Friday after Jamildi’s first jump and just return for your last jump and gold medal celebrations.

Gold medalist Anna Grimaldi after winning the T47 women's shot put at the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Carmen Mandato / Getty Images

Gold medalist Anna Grimaldi after winning the T47 women’s shot put at the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Anna was defending her title from Rio.

Duke Coverage turned into the heat of New Zealand kicker Corbin Hart’s semi-final and Nikita Howarth’s swimming – with full support for Lucas’ decision. But, after these events, Duke Return to regular athletics events that do not include any New Zealand athletes, while the long jump continues.

That meant Grimaldi’s fourth jump – where he extended his gold medal lead and broke the Paralympic record for the second time – was not covered. Duke.

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Duke Come back for your last jump and celebrations and then run all his jumps again.

A. TVNZ Statement to Equipment He said it marked the first round of Grimaldi’s long jump on the IPC’s integrated feed, “the majority of which DUKE’s Coverage. Then, it moved on to other athletics events, “and our schedule shifted to cover our kiwi in canoeing.”

“We provided a full jump event. Through a one-way feed provided by the IPC without comment.

Duke Taking a break from canoeing, he used a one-way feed to show the final jump and the gold medal ceremony.

TVNZ also planned to cover the Grimaldi jump on Saturday morning’s Sports News Bulletin and Attitude Highlights package.

Live streaming of the long jump was available on social media channels after the Paralympics. TVNZ On Thursday, it was agreed to waive its geo-blocking exemption.

But Lucas said it was done for only two days after much public pressure.

Ben Lucas talks to athletes at the 2016 Rio Paralympics, as the Paralympic New Zealand Chef de Mission.

Hagen Hopkins / Getty Images

Ben Lucas talks to athletes at the 2016 Rio Paralympics, as the Paralympic New Zealand Chef de Mission.

after the. Duke Went away from the long jump, went to Lucas. 1 News of TVNZ. Website, but direct feed took him to “cycling instead of athletics”.

It was frustrating “when a long jump live stream was available through it. TVNZ Rights package.

“Looks like he hit the athletics button and then he’s gone.”

Lucas said. TVNZ He made it clear when he announced that he had stopped geo-blocking that it would cover New Zealand players. Duke.

“But he dropped the ball with Anna just like he did with Will Steadman’s long jump and Ben Twimasui’s event.”

A. TVNZ The spokesman said this on Thursday. DUKE’s The broadcast will focus on Kiwi moments, “and we are determined to celebrate our players in the last days of Tokyo 2020.”

Lucas was not alone in his lament.

Anna Grimaldi on her way to the Long Jump Gold Medal in Tokyo.

Carmen Mandato / Getty Images

Anna Grimaldi on her way to the Long Jump Gold Medal in Tokyo.

Equipment. Paralympic Games bloggers also called for a programming call to withdraw from the Grimaldi event.

“The fact is, I was covering the Canoe Sprint semifinals. Duke While Anna Grimaldi is breaking records on the live stream, most of the Kiwis are not available to show. TVNZ Don’t really know what they’re doing. He said it was not a reflection of the other New Zealand players competing on Thursday, but Grimaldi, “one of the Kiwi team’s brightest stars, was always going to be an athlete.”

Fellow blogger Joseph Pearson also lamented that the entire Grimaldi competition was not made the main event. Duke Coverage. “Most athletics streams are jumping between events elsewhere and there is no commentary,” he noted.

TVNZ It should have been known that title holder Grimaldi was a favorite of the Red Hot Gold Medal. His personal best was 31cm better than his final rivals.

Equipment Listed the live stream link on her blog when some readers were struggling to find the right link.

William Steadman's last jump for the silver medal in the long jump at the Tokyo Olympic Games was not shown live on TVNZ.

Tassos Catopods / Getty Images

William Steadman’s last jump for the silver medal in the long jump at the Tokyo Olympic Games was not shown live on TVNZ.

TVNZ Earlier on Monday night, long jumper William Steadman’s T36 Silver Medal had a final leap and he was troubled by the failure to screen the completely missing shot Potter Ben Tomasio.

She explained to Miss Stadman that she was unable to increase her direct pop-up stream when the long jump ran out of time and blamed the lack of international feed for missing out on the TimeSio event.

Lucas said Australia had “12 channels of continuous coverage” of the Paralympics on several channels, with more than 200 hours of coverage in Canada and 14 games in the UK.

Anna Grimaldi is delighted to have won a gold medal with a new world record.

Carmen Mandato / Getty Images

Anna Grimaldi is delighted to have won a gold medal with a new world record.

He said the overall coverage in New Zealand was disappointing and disturbing to hear. TVNZ “Blame it on Coved earlier this week when he had months of preparation.”

“This is a very important effort of our national broadcaster.”

Explaining Steadman’s long jump coverage, TVNZ “Under Level 4 restrictions, a skeleton crew was working for the Paralympics to ensure that. TVNZ Stay operational and prioritize the health and safety of our essential team. “

Coverage of the Paralympic Games has been a painful place for the para sports community for many years.

New Zealand has competed in the Paralympics since 1968, yet television coverage was virtually non-existent until the ground-breaking documentaries of the 1992 Barcelona and Paul Holmes of the 1996 Games.

Lucas said there was good TV coverage of the 2000 Paralympics in Sydney, but “practically nothing” from Athens in 2004.

In London in 2012, Sky TV Covered medal ceremonies and daily highlight packages.

“Coverage was really good in 2016,” said Lucas, when 2.2 million viewers watched the coverage. TVNZ And behavioral images

“It simply came to our notice then. TVNZ “Its coverage could and should have been much better,” he said, paying for the Tokyo Games.

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