Auckland terrorist attack: Victims recover from wards outside intensive care unit

Three victims were injured Friday. Auckland terrorist attack. Stay in the hospital, but are now in stable condition and no longer in the intensive care unit.

All three are now on the wards, said Assistant Commissioner of Investigation Lavano Xu Schugler.

Four other victims are recovering at home.

Seven people were injured in Friday’s attack. Between the ages of 29 and 77

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Police Commissioner Andrew Coaster had earlier said the victims, aged 29, 43, 60 and 66, included four women.

Seven people were injured in the attack.

Ricky Wilson / Things.

Seven people were injured in the attack.

“Our thoughts are with the victims. This terrible attack And their loved ones, who will be in great distress.

The bomber struck shortly after 2:40 p.m. Friday at Countdown Lin Mall in West Auckland.

Seven people were injured. Ahmed Athal Muhammad Samsuddin In one ISIS-inspired attack..

Of The terrorist was under strict surveillance. Due to his extremist views, special tactical police officers and Previous confessions, Which included keeping and distributing ISIS propaganda.

He arrived at the supermarket by train 10 minutes earlier, then took the trolley and started shopping, as he had done on previous occasions.

It is understood that Monitoring team About 60-90 seconds after the first victim was stabbed, the attack was reported, when people started making noise and running away from the supermarket.

Samsuddin was shot. The secret police left him behind and he died on the spot.

Auckland terrorist Ahmed Athal Muhammad Samsuddin, who injured seven people in a supermarket attack, came to New Zealand in 2011 to seek refugee status.

Abigail Dogarty / Things.

Auckland terrorist Ahmed Athal Muhammad Samsuddin, who injured seven people in a supermarket attack, came to New Zealand in 2011 to seek refugee status.

On Tuesday, Coaster said police were alerted to misinformation being shared on social media while investigating the attack.

“I would urge everyone who receives this kind of information to be aware that what is circulating on social media platforms is either wrong or wrong.

“It is natural that some communities are more prone to negative feedback. The police are working hard with our community liaison staff to ensure that local and ethnic communities feel well informed and supported.

Coaster reiterated that the supermarket was attacked. Ahmed Athal Muhammad Samsuddin, alone.

“His ideas were not representative of any community, and we are not looking for anyone else.”

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