Cove 19: Messages of support for Auckland as the rest of New Zealand moves to level 2.

Like everyone else, messages of support are flowing in New Zealand’s largest city. The country is moving towards Alert Level 2..

It has been three weeks since the country entered the nationwide level 4 lockdown after the community case of Cove 19. Found on the north coast of Auckland..

Although the wider New Zealand has changed its alert level in the last seven days, Auckland has remained at level 4 for the entire three weeks – and will remain so until at least 14 September.

People are sending help messages on social media to the people of Auckland, who are still on alert level 4.  (File photo)

Jared Williamson / Equipment.

People are sending help messages on social media to the people of Auckland, who are still on alert level 4. (File photo)

This means that people from other areas can return to work, meet friends and cut their hair, or go out for dinner, while Aucklanders remain locked down.

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In an Instagram post, the Mental Health Foundation shared five ways people across the country can inspire Aucklanders.

“Ask your Auckland colleagues how you can lighten their load when you work from home,” was one of the ideas.

Another idea was to send something to an Aucklander – a hug or a hug – with a text message or call.

More than 100 comments left on the post.

One Auckland native commented on the post, “After complimenting me. Of [level change] Announcement“.

“Thanks for posting. I feel like it’s all worth it when it’s the support of our colleagues.

New Zealanders have expressed support for Aucklanders on Twitter.

In New Zealand’s worst-hit city, the phrase “what did you say to your macaque” has been used to praise their hard work.

Outside of Auckland, everyone went to Alert Level 2 at 11:59 on Tuesday night.

Twenty-one new cases of cowardice were announced at a press conference at 1 p.m., An increase in one case from the last three days in which everyone saw 20 new cases.

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