Covid 19: 1 pm update review – where some vaccine fell from the back of a truck.

Analysis: A week ago Equipment First reported that the government. Wandering around buying Vaccines from other countries keep pace with the massive increase in people so that people can offer their hand for vaccinations. After all, Skomo was making it like that It was raining vaccines in Australia!

A week went by and to this day the Prime Minister has really had to say whether the government has succeeded in this endeavor or whether it has to “manage demand”. Or, in other direct terms, limit the available supply of new vaccines until there is more access to the country.

The good news, though. Will be there More Pfizer vaccines are arriving in New Zealand!

When? Not sure how many doses? Wouldn’t like to say Where will it come from? Possibly could not comment, but more than one country.

The lack of explanation was apparently due to the fact that the contracts were still being signed, but the irony was that you would be forgiven for thinking that the vaccine had fallen off the back of a truck.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was so keen that all onlookers knew how complicated it all was.  (File photo)

Robert Kitchen / equipment.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was so keen that all onlookers knew how complicated it all was. (File photo)

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The Prime Minister, who has been less relaxed than in recent weeks, said she hopes to share the details with all of us in the next few days.

Our envelope estimates that if between 600,000 and 1 million vaccines arrive within a week or two, the vaccination program could continue faster.

The Prime Minister was very keen that everyone who saw it knew how complicated it all was. And clearly on the regulatory side: getting new vaccines from another country will be more difficult than getting them directly from the manufacturer Pfizer.

Assuming the price is agreed, the regulator here has to assure that it is all safe, can be transported properly, was able to be traced and so on. difficult? Yes. Cheap. Of course. But is it really? That Complicated?

In any case, provided that the vaccines arrive immediately after the signing of agreements with the mystery countries, the government will indeed be able to end the vaccine program. What better time than this, especially in Auckland? For many, it will be a real journey, other than walking the dog or going to the supermarket.

But a clear question remains: if the government has managed to reach this agreement relatively quickly since the onset of the epidemic, why was it not first taking vaccines from other countries to speed up the campaign?

We asked Jacinda Ardern if the government had tried to get vaccines from other countries before the delta broke out.

One of the key political skills of the Prime Minister is his ability to answer a question that is not answered at all. Let’s move on to the tape: “We had, at the time, we were growing to 50, we had enough for 50,000 vaccines a day, 350,000 in a week. And then in a period of three or four weeks. We targeted only such large shipments during October.

“Therefore, we have always intended to develop these vaccines in order to add to the range of our supply in these weeks, which will lead to a big increase in October. So at the time, you know, we were meeting the demand that was there. We knew when we had a tight supply, but in fact it was only for a few weeks.

Well, that makes it clear.

We will take it as “no”. The world will really be. A different place under Delta 2..

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