Ira says dismissing a border worker who refuses to be vaccinated is not unjustified.

The Employment Relations Authority says a front-line border worker was fired for failing to reject the Covid 19 vaccine.

Employment Relations Authority

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The customs official found himself out of work in late April when the government required all frontline border workers to be vaccinated.

She took her case to the ERA, claiming that her job on the Maritime Port Roll did not fall into the category of frontline border worker, so she did not need to be vaccinated.

In her decision, Ira said the worker declined to give further details as to why she did not want the job, and was trying to get back to her old job.

But Ira disagreed with the woman, saying customs played the right role in determining what only a vaccinated worker could do.

“The whole purpose of the role was to protect the border, with strict obligations to comply with quaid restrictions and personal obligations to comply with the employer’s health and safety requirements,” said David Beck, a member of the ERA.

“Although no serious mismanagement or performance issues were evident and the termination of employment was beyond the control of the parties due to unusual external factors, I cannot conclude that the GF was not immune from dismissal,” he said. It could have been done. “

“On the contrary, given the nature of the character, his clear expectations and profile, I understand that. [the employee] The issue of vaccination will come up when accepting the post of Frontline Border Protection Officer. “

Claims of unjustified dismissal and loss and good faith were violated.


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