Live Cove 19 Updates: Out of Auckland went to NZ Level 2

Four wards at Middlemore Hospital are closed to new patients and 29 staff are in isolation when a man admitted on Saturday tested positive for covid 19.

The man appeared in Middle Moore’s emergency department with abdominal pain and denied information about being in contact with the virus or being at a point of interest, and had no other symptoms.

He was tested on Sunday morning, but was left in the ward with three other patients because there was no solitary room available. A positive test came back in the afternoon and he was transferred to a dedicated Cove 19 ward.

Staff, including 11 doctors and 13 nurses, have been isolated for two weeks and all patients in the four wards are being treated as if they had the virus.

Meanwhile, areas outside of Auckland have moved to level 2 and will have to comply with new rules allowing masks to be worn and accompanying numbers.

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