Northland with NZ in level 2, but Auckland was disconnected from the lockdown.

Despite the region’s declining warning levels, travel to and from the Northland appears to be extremely limited.

Northland, Auckland border.

Northland / Auckland border.
Image: RNZ / Katie Todd

In addition to Ireland – Northland will join the rest of the country on Alert Level 2 at midnight on Wednesday morning.

But travel from the North to other parts of the country will be limited to essential travel – including attending a funeral or Tanghanga, attending a wedding or civil union, collecting or accompanying Tepako, or attending an educational facility.

Police checkpoints will prevent anyone crossing the Super City border from asking for documents.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the Northland has been effectively cut off from the rest of the country, while Auckland is at Level 4 and there will be no unlimited movement in the region.

“You will be able to transit if you need to, but you will have to be able to transit without stopping and with proof of where you are going,” he said.

“Our main focus is just to make sure that people in the North are not unnecessarily backward because they’re a level 2 environment like everyone else, but they’re hurting Auckland by sandwiching in the middle.” Are. “

Ruben Taipari, regional coordinator of the Tai Tokrao Border Control (TBC), said any possibility of border violations was still a concern.

“Our proximity to Auckland is still an issue for us, so we are in a different category for the rest of the country – maybe us and the Waikato region.”

Taipari said a major storm is forecast for Ahipura in the coming days and they are looking for surfers who want to access the waves, but TBC will encourage people to stay local.

He said that volunteers would be out of Roh at level 2 to ensure that people remain vigilant.

“We’re doing such a good job of controlling it and reducing it. Why take the risk?”

He wanted the North to remain vigilant for the next few weeks.

“Instead of gambling, and it comes in and then backwards we go to Level 3 and Level 4, and if it happens here in our communities then how long will it take us to get it out again?”

But limited access comes at a price. Murray Reid, chief executive of Northland Inc., said Northland would be a little tougher than most parts of New Zealand.

“We recognize Auckland, which is still in lockdown and is making it two degrees tougher than everyone else.”

He said the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Business Employment and Innovation were considering ways to support and compensate for the fact that it was more isolated than other countries.

But on the horizon, summer and tourism businesses are already struggling, with some looking for ways to keep the region connected despite the Auckland barrier.

Kate Malcolm, owner and manager of Dave Totokaka, said that although Northland would never want to cut Auckland, it would be necessary to find some creative solutions without them.

He said they could include direct flights to other parts of the country – perhaps from Carrefour to Wellington or Christchurch – while using buses, rental car deals or even ferries.

“Anything is possible if you just open your mind to it.”

Air New Zealand has been contacted to see if direct flights can be made to parts of the country other than Auckland. The company is waiting to see what the government’s Level 2 order on passenger transfers is.


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