Restrictions are eased as hospitals and council services move to Level 2.

Palmerston North Council and Mid-Central Health Facilities are easing restrictions as the city returns to Level 2.

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Palmerston North Council and Mid-Central Health Facilities are easing restrictions as the city returns to Level 2.

Visit restrictions on other facilities at Palmerston North Hospital and the Mid-Central District Health Board will be relaxed, but there are still many rules.

Catherine Cook, chief executive of the board, said Covid 19 Alert Level 4 and 3 was a difficult time for patients and families and staff, and managers were happy to allow more visitors inside.

From Wednesday, patients will be able to get a support person out of their bubble at any time under the Mahi Tahi program.

Patients could receive two visitors daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. If they were from the same bubble, they could be together, otherwise it would be one at a time.

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No one under the age of 16 will be allowed to go.

During the birth, the mother will be allowed a support person during the birth of the child and the subsequent stay.

Visitors will need to scan or sign at the ward and clinic entrances, wear masks and clean their hands.

Outpatients can take a support person if necessary, ideally someone from the same bubble.

Surgery and appointments that have been postponed during the lockdown will begin to be re-provided with physical distance and mask-wearing rules.

People will be contacted directly if they are affected, or can call 0800 256 963.

Cook said that although the Alert Level 2 rules were less binding, they were still important.

People who feel sick should not be seen. They should take a test.

Meanwhile, the city council has confirmed that public toilets, playgrounds and parks will reopen on Wednesday. These include Arapok Forest Park, Sled Track and Gordon Care Forest, which will be open to mountain biking and hiking, and dog parks and basketball courts.

The CET Arena also reopened. 50 people are allowed for indoor booking and 100 for outdoor booking.

Ferguson St. will accept e-waste from the recycling drop-off again, as is the facility at Ashhorst Transfer Station and Green West. The village recycling drop-off point opens on Friday.

Lido, Freiburg and Splash Horst open Wednesday at 6 p.m. There are restrictions, such as asking customers to arrive in their swimsuits to change the use of the room. It is important to wear a mask unless people are exercising in the gym, or by the pool or by the pool.

Also, “recreational swimming” is not allowed, which will be reviewed next week. There is a limit to how many people can use the lanes and attend group fitness sessions.

The customer service center in the main city building opens on Thursdays like libraries, although their hours will be shorter. Mobile library is closed.

The Palmerston North Conference and Function Center opens Thursday, and social housing, noise control and animal control staff return to work.

Wild Base opens on Tuesday, allowing 30 people to enter, as does iSite on the Square. The implementation of parking also starts again.

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