‘Significant weather’ on Auckland cards, a week after severe flooding.

Auckland is expected to receive only heavy rain and possible thunderstorms. A week later, severe flooding hit the region..

Meteorologist Dan Corgin of the Met Service said the “critical season” was on the Cell of the City, which began Tuesday afternoon.

It will continue throughout the week, with strong winds already in sight from 11 a.m. Wednesday.

“The next few days are definitely going to be very important for Auckland,” Corgen said.

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“For today, there is a heavy rain band on the way this afternoon, so it should be accompanied by short, heavy rain and danger with thunderstorms.

Lightning struck the Sky Tower after a hurricane struck Auckland last week.

David White / Stuff.

Lightning struck the Sky Tower after a hurricane struck Auckland last week.

“Given Recent floodsMore effects can be seen in the rain and in the next few days while the cleaning continues.

Power company Vector said its staff was ready to respond immediately to any outage, but advised people to charge devices and carry a power bank and flashlight.

There were western suburbs of Auckland. Hit hard last week, Monday night and Tuesday morning with heavy rain.

The West Coast is likely to be hardest hit again, said Marco Simonak, head of Vector’s field services.

“We understand that power outages are incredibly frustrating, especially in lockdowns, and thus our teams will work as quickly and safely as they can to recover and run power if happens.”

A man stands in floodwaters on Kameh Main Road August 31.

Chris McCain / Things.

A man stands in floodwaters on Kameh Main Road August 31.

Last week’s storms saw more than 200 mm of rain in Kamma. Township’s second wet day on record..

During the last week. Auckland Council and insurance reviewers are surveying the extent of the damage. More than 5,500 homes and businesses.

Corrigan said strong, southwesterly winds would affect Auckland from a late start, and would persist for most of the afternoon and evening.

He advised the people to keep an eye on the predictions, be careful and act accordingly.

Heavy rain was expected to ease, but rain is expected for the rest of the week, Corgin said.

Strong winds were expected along the west coast of both the northern and southern islands and will affect Auckland on Wednesday and Thursday.

Corrigan said the swelling would spread to the west coast and be affected. Auckland coast. this side.

The waves “carry a lot of energy” and “extra caution is recommended around the coast,” he said.

While Auckland is ready for a bat, the Met Service also released a heavy snow clock for Fairland, south of Texas, from 3am to 6pm on Wednesday. Locals should expect to fall up to 200 meters, with more than 400 meters of snow falling during this time.

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