Steve Tew and Steve Hansen in 12th Rugby Evolution.

Leading New Zealand rugby figures Steve Hansen and Steve Tew are supporting the concept of World 12s.

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Leading New Zealand rugby figures Steve Hansen and Steve Tew are supporting the concept of World 12s.

New Zealand’s Steve Tew and Steve Hansen are involved in the launch of World 12s, a fast-paced fire tournament that looks like a response to rugby in the Indian Premier League of cricket.

Former New Zealand rugby CEO Tew and non-executive director with former Wales chairman Gareth Davis, in an organization headed by former chief executive Ian Richie.

Former All Blacks coach Hanson is an ambassador with former Spring Box coach Jack White.

The inaugural tournament targets 192 of the world’s best male players from Tier One and Tier Two countries selected through auction, representing eight franchise teams that will play a new 12-A-side format, including six. Teams with backs and six forwards.

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It is planned to host three weekends in England in August and September next year.

Each franchise will have 24 players and some of the world’s leading coaches are being targeted for the round-robin tournament format before being crowned champions in the knockout stage.

Each franchise must select at least two players from Tier Two countries, as well as an international U-20 player.


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The women’s tournament will be launched in 2023 to avoid a clash with next year’s Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

The organization’s vision for the 12th World is to travel to different parts of the world each year and present the winning prize money for the men’s and women’s competitions.

There will be concerns about how it fits into the already crowded world rugby calendar, but organizers believe it could help stem the influx of international players into rich clubs. I can get a good financial reward in the short term.

“World 12s is a natural evolution for the Rugby Union. We feel it is a game for our changing, fast-paced world that excites global fans as much as we did in the IPL or more recently. Seen in The Hundred Cricket, “said Richie.

“By bringing together some of the brightest rugby-minded players with commercial backing, we strive to advance rugby and create a positive roadmap for how the game is perceived for generations to come. Let’s go. “

The world 12s will largely follow the rules of the 15s, but with these adaptations:

a 12 players in a team – six forwards and six forwards.

• Half of 15 minutes

• Conversions will only be dropped.

• Just one scrum reset, then free kick.

• Violations of Scrum are punished by a difference penalty (a penalty that cannot kick the target)

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