The owner of Eco World says that the documentary ‘Mace and All’ will find the story of the lease.

John Rehman, director of EcoWorld, says it's a normal business for an aquarium.

Bria Ingram / Staff

John Rehman, director of EcoWorld, says it’s a normal business for an aquarium.

The director of Pecton Aquarium AquaWorld says a “wart and all” documentary is working as he continues to trade on his foreclosure site with the expiration of a lease.

An e-mail to John Rehman, director of Marboro District Councilors EcoWorld, said in an “update” that it was a “normal business”.

The Eco World Aquarium and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center has been in operation for almost two decades and is a program for raising totara and red-eared turtles, as well as yellow-crowned parrots.

His lease with Port Marlborough expired on July 22, but Rehman said he would continue to work on the site. As long as the High Court proceedings continue.He has the right to renew the lease after making a claim.

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* Aquarium staff camp with the fish and refuse to leave despite the lease expiring.
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Staff initially. Occupy the site in protest After the lease expires

Rehman had hired an “emerging young documentary filmmaker” to film the process from April 2021.

“He’s putting it all together, it’s getting better,” Rehan said.


Aquarium staff are heartbroken after Port Marlborough confirmed they would not extend their lease.

He said the situation was now a matter of “legal action”.

Rehman said that before the New Zealand Cove 19 lockdown, EcoWorld beat all its previous records for visitor numbers and visitor costs.

During the lockdown, at least one crew member had to be on site to care for the animals.

Eco World reopened to the public on Wednesday with the return of Level 2.

In an email to councilors, Rehman said he believed about 40 of the facility’s 40 marine animals were “unable to save themselves.”

He said he had asked the directors of Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium in Auckland and New Zealand’s National Aquarium in Napier about some of the animals.

EcoWorld crews initially camped with the fish when its lease expired.


EcoWorld crews initially camped with the fish when its lease expired.

More than 5,300 people signed up. Sign a request He hoped to overturn the decision not to renew Port Marlborough’s lease.

In a “Q&A” statement released to the media in July, Port Marlborough said EcoWorld’s lease was entered into on January 11, 2011 for a period of 10 years, and did not have the right to renew.

The terms of the lease also required EcoWorld to remove any improvements to the land and restore the land at its cost when the lease expires.

Port Marlborough said the lease was ending only on agreed terms.

“Although there was talk of a possible extension some time ago, the terms repeatedly asked by Mr Rehman were unacceptable and fundamentally different from his current lease. Port Marlborough did not agree with him reasonably. Could

Port Marlborough declined to comment because the matter is before the High Court.

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