The reviewer says Anwar Kargil City Council is performing well despite problems with the mayor.

An independent reviewer says Anwar Kargil residents should be confident that their local council can do its job after 12 months of turmoil, including possible government intervention.

Sir Tim Shedbolt, Mayor of Anwar Kargil City.

Anwar Kargil Mayor Sir Tim Shedbolt.
Image: RNZ / Tess Burton

Late last year, Richard Thompson wrote a report that found that major problems were caused by a leadership in which Mayor Sir Tim Shedbolt was struggling to do his job.

Anwar Cargill City Councilors received a public six-month progress report for the first time during an emergency meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

Overall, the council’s report card paints a much more positive picture than it did last year – better staff and counselor morale, positive progress on key issues and councilors working better together.

But the report did not allay concerns about Mayor Sir Tim, who was not only seen as unable to complete his job, but also actively pursued dissatisfaction.

Sherry Kerry, chief executive of the Southland Chamber of Commerce, was pleased to see some positive developments.

“It’s a great relief to see this progress in such a short time.

“Obviously the leadership with Sir Tim Shedbolt is still empty, but it seems that they are dealing with it in their own way and giving space to the process to solve the problem that exists in this place, but Still able to move forward. Their job. “

He described the ongoing leadership problems as a distraction.

“Since we work closely with the council, we are aware of all the good things that are going on there, so it’s frustrating to pick up a paper or read online every day. It’s just a little crap, you know. About personal issues or bullying or whatever allegations of the day about the mayor and his deputy.

“But we have resigned from the fact that we have to work around it. It is going to go to the polls next year.”

Thompson said it was a different council than the one he had reviewed earlier.

“The work of the council is ongoing, but I sincerely wish that the people of Anwar Kargil recognize the real progress and I am of the view that the whole council – as it is at present – is meeting the basic needs which Those who rate it should expect it. “

He said that Anwar Kargil was more than just a mayor.

“At the end of the day, the mayor is only part of a council team. Important – yes, but one vote out of 13, and if it stays focused on the cost of too much real improvement, it will ignore it.” I think what this council has shown can be achieved. “

Sir Tim said he believed the report contained allegations that had been substantiated.

“The report does not mention my lack of support or what the council has done specifically to address this issue. Email intervention

Councilor Leslie Super said the council has made great strides.

“It gives us a basis to say that we have reached a point where we can honestly say to our community: ‘This council has reached a point where you can be confident that we are a There will be good councils. “

Councilor Rebecca Amundsen said councilors and staff have been working hard to bring about change.

“We are now in a position where we believe we have to hold each other accountable for our bad behavior or the comments we want to make, and I’m glad to see that happening.”

Councilor Lindsay Abbott wanted the issues to be covered in the media.

“These measures, claims and counter-claims negate the positive successes,” I said.

“The majority of the people just want us to see a progressive, working together, having a healthy dialogue with a united council, working in the interests of the voters.

Abbott wanted the council to stick to the course and make further progress.

“Let’s continue. Let’s become a constituent council. Let’s work for the voters and let the people decide the mandate 13 months from now.”

With the exception of Sir Tim, all councilors voted in favor of staff recommendations, including signing the Project Governance Group to continue, and terminating external appointments.


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