The second review is aimed at Mayor Sir Tim Shedbolt, but he is not going anywhere.

Two reports suggest that Sir Shedbolt is still struggling to fulfill his role as mayor, but he does not appear to be moving in the face of criticism.

Richard Thompson has now completed two governance reviews at Invercargill City Council, and the latest says that Shed Bolt’s colleagues believe he is not only failing to do his job, but also expressing dissatisfaction. Do

Following the latest report, Stuff asked Chief Executive Claire Headley and Governance Advisor Bruce Robertson what could or would be done about Shadbolt after the review results.

Robertson pointed to the fact that Shedbolt was democratically elected mayor for a term ending in October 2022.

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He felt that the key point made in the report was that the Anwar Cargill Council had continued its work, yet Thomson had invalidated the leadership.

Headley acknowledged that the Local Government Act is an extreme measure where one can try to remove an elected member through a court.

However, no one in the council has suggested that he try to remove the mayor, and despite his critical reports, Shadbolt removes the criticism.

First, he categorically stated that he would not be made a scapegoat, and second, he called it “negative than predicted about my character and actions.”

The council held an emergency meeting Tuesday to review Thompson.

Thomson noticed that the focus of the report was on the shed bolt, and then the councilors focused on the mayor for about 30 minutes.

Thomson said Anwar Kargil’s rate payers should be aware that the council was not the same as it was six months ago, and that it was more than just the mayor.

“If you stay focused. [Shadbolt]At the cost of very real improvement, then it will ignore, I think, what this council has shown what it can achieve. And obviously, if that happens, the media should play its part.

Shadbolt sparked controversy when he expressed concern about Thomson’s report.

“I am convinced that there are allegations that have been presented as facts. The report mentions a mayor’s side show. I am in a position to defend, they are not always provoked by me.

“The report does not mention my lack of cooperation … The report lightly touched on serious allegations of bullying, and downplayed the serious issue of email blocking.”

CR Lindsay Abbott described herself as a friend of Shedbolt and said she was sad to see what happened so late.

He felt that Shadbolt’s statements about not supporting him were false.

Although Abbott felt that there was some truth behind the bullying comments, he suggested that it was a matter of unconscious bullying.

Cr Ian Pottinger called the notion of bullying an exception.

“At some point, don’t look back. [August 10] Meet, was there any bullying? I cried when I heard allegations of bullying in the media.

CR Peter Kate asked his council colleagues if any of them had taken some time to see Shadbolt and asked how he was doing.

“Just a simple phone call, he’s our leader, and we’re considered part of a team. Yes, he has crossed the line, but he deserves so much more than what he is getting from us.”

CR Graham Lewis also made an exception to the fact that Shad Bolt was bullied in the council and thought he had the good support of the councilors.

After the meeting, Shedbolt issued a statement in which he apologized to the people of Anwar Kargil for which he made a long fiasco.

He suggested that the public be wary of the findings of Thomson’s report, which found that there were “small” details about bullying claims and e-mail interference in his workplace.

It is a council that does not want to embrace the democratic process but seeks to thwart it.

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