TJ Priyanka doesn’t want all other blacks to experience ‘dark moments’

TJ Prenara is in line to break the halfback in Perth and Aaron Smith has just returned to New Zealand.

TJ Prenara is in line to break the halfback in Perth and Aaron Smith has just returned to New Zealand.

TJ Prenara could be with the Roosters as he prepares for his NRL play-off game in Townsville this weekend.

After acknowledging on Tuesday that it was “touch and go” whether he would sign a new deal with NZ Rugby earlier this year, instead of the rosters who meet the Titans in their final on Saturday. All Blacks halfback Pereira is getting ready for the Rugby Championship Test against Pumas on the Gold Coast on Sunday.

All black

Brad Weber is focused on proving himself with Aaron Smith and is not part of the current squad.

Given the many non-field dramas that have surfaced in recent times, it is easy to forget that Pernara is seriously considered a career with the Roosters before re-signing with New Zealand Rugby until 2023.

This was not the clearest situation for all parties.

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The story was leaked to the media while Pernara was playing in Japan, and a few months later All Blacks coach Ian Foster confirmed that he was not too impressed with the way he appeared in public.

Now that the story is over, Pernara said that the season in Japan has provided valuable lessons that can be beneficial for all blacks. He is presenting his wisdom to the young fathers of the squad as they prepare to stay away from New Zealand until the end of November.

Separated from his family in Japan, he was forced to discover ways not to bow down to rugby because it was his “only source of happiness.”

“I think it put me in a difficult position mentally,” said Perenara, 29.

As a result, it helped to understand how much he owed the game: “It was my constant. It was something I knew I had every day.

All blacks are based in Perth and will travel to Queensland on Thursday before the Test against Pumas.

Being in their own bubble means it’s time to talk. Pernara doesn’t want teammates to be isolated, as he did in Japan.

“The last thing I want is for some of these players to go through the dark moments I spent at the beginning of my time away from family.”

TJ Perenara, after returning from Japan, was shown in action against Tawa for his North Club.

Rosa wood / equipment.

TJ Perinara, after returning from Japan, appeared in action against Tawa for his North Club.

Instead of playing Tonga and Fiji in July, Perner made several appearances for North Club against Wellington and then two Tests against Vallabes, replacing Aaron Smith and Brad Weber.

Smith is still in New Zealand at maternity level, with Pereira, with 71 Test caps, paired with half-backs Finlay Christie and Weber.

Smith’s absence, which is not expected to make the team until the last two Championship Tests against the Spring Boxes, did nothing to change the competitive nature of the three halfbacks on the tour.

Unlike the Walbeys, who completed a 3-0 series clean sweep of the weekend with a 38-21 win over the Al Waxes last weekend, Pumas, who lost his first two championship games against the Spring Boxes in South Africa. Yes, they are expected to be more aggressive than their ball. Career

“We think it’s a little animal coming this week,” Pernara noted.

“They are a great team, they play very fast and very passionate and they are very physical. That doesn’t mean it’s not Australia, they (Puma) enforce it in different ways.

“They enjoy bumping into each other, they enjoy walking around the corner and coming straight to you.”

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