Void 19 vaccine error: Man is still waiting for answers on what to do.

An Aucklander who is stuck in a possible mix-up at the Highbrook Vaccination Center has not yet contacted the Ministry of Health and the designated helpline had no idea who he was talking about.

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This is the second person who has. Stay in touch with RNZ. Unhappy with the communication coming from the health officials about the incident.

Five of the more than 700 patients would have received the Pfizer vaccine or just the wrong dose of saline on July 12 and not been told even after six weeks.Until RNZ broke the story.

Salts are used as water after the vaccine has melted.

Once the incident came to light, Director-General of Health Dr. Ashley Bloomfield said all affected people. Will be contacted within 24 hours. By email or letter

Paul * said he decided to contact the health line after not receiving the letter for about a week and was referred to the Vaccine Health Line.

The health ministry said it had provided the same information in a letter to the Vaccination Health Line.

However, when Paul contacted the vaccine line the next afternoon, the caller was having difficulty finding him in their records and an attempt was made to refer him back to the health line.

When he refused to call the health line again, he said the advice he received from the caller was “unusual”.

“He literally said on the call that I’m fine because my vaccine card Pfizer said it didn’t say salty,” he said.

Paul told the caller that he had been vaccinated on July 12 and should have received a letter – to which he replied that there was no letter in the file, so he would not be affected.

When asked to confirm in writing, he refused.

“I just want some reassurance or what to do, or take my letter,” he said.

He then asked to speak to a supervisor and was told he would receive a phone call.

He was contacted late that night and told he would receive a letter in the post, but could not say when.

Paul asked for the letter to be emailed as he had provided his e-mail, but has not yet received it.

He said he did not blame callers or vaccinators, but was concerned that other people would receive similar misinformation and would not question it.

Chris Bishop of National said the beggar believes the man was told he was OK, as his vaccination card said Pfizer instead of salt.

“The whole problem is that people aren’t sure if they’ve got Pfizer, so the idea on their cards is unbelievable.

“We urgently need to know what happened and the ministry needs to end its investigation, which has already taken a few weeks,” he said.

The health ministry would not say how many people it was unable to contact, but a spokesman said there were occasions when the emails were returned.

“Where we had other contact details, they were used instead of contacting that person. For some people, no other contact details were provided,” he said.

RNZ has agreed to keep the identity of the vaccinated person in Highbrook anonymous as it could affect his employment.

The ministry said it would not disclose further information until RNZ provided the patient’s contact details.

He ignored questions about whether the information he provided to the Vaccination Helpline had been passed on to staff.

The affected people will be informed of the next steps by September 10 and the ministry will not comment further, a spokesman said.


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