Coved 19 Update: 15 new community cases were reported in New Zealand today.

Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, Director General of Health, has revealed that there are 15 new community cases of Covid 19 in the country today.

Members of the medical staff with masks and protective equipment place Corona virus nasal swab test tubes at the test point by drive in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (novel Corona virus).

Image: 123 RF

Addressing today’s media conference, Dr. Bloomfield said that there are now 855 cases of the current community epidemic and 218 cases have been cured.

A total of 21 new cases were reported., And 20 consecutive three days before that.

There are 37 cases in the hospital, six in the ICU and four on the ventilator.

There was also a Covid 19 case to report to a recent returnee.

Dr Bloomfield says the ongoing Auckland Regional Public Health investigation has brought the total number of unrelated cases to 25, an increase from yesterday.

Only two of today’s new cases remain to be added, he said, adding that investigations into the LinkedIn cases are ongoing and he expects the numbers to drop.


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