Coveid 19: 1pm Update Review – Detective Hopkins announces closure of Crown Plaza case.

Analysis: The 1pm update is getting so much more boring as the positive case numbers keep falling. This is not a criticism, the boredom of the Covid 19 is usually good when it comes to.

In fact, the most interesting part of the press conference was Chris Hopkins drinking with a smile at the beginning.

“It’s a challenge for people in high-density areas to get out and spread their legs,” Hopkins said in a 1 p.m. update a few weeks ago. It was a little levity in the midst of the rapidly growing epidemic of that time.

It was lightweight, even if you were sniffing a cup with your picture and the words ‘don’t spread the virus to your feet’ would, in some cases, be considered a little better.

Minister Hopkins drinks from a cup with a cup of his extract.  .

Robert Kitchen / equipment.

Minister Hopkins drinks from a cup with a cup of his extract. .

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In addition, Hopkins effectively called the Crown Plaza investigation a “closed case.” You will recall that Delta’s main case in the community was that of a hotel room man who had recently returned from New South Wales.

But after three weeks, there are no direct links to how the virus came to be. There was a very dilapidated looking road that ran alongside the plaza where people could exercise, but officials apparently described it primarily as a transmission site.

As is the case with the US cold store. Last year (remember, he held the election), now it seems we can never know where the virus came from.

Hopkins also confirmed that with a clear glimpse, that the trans-Tasman travel bubble will not reopen any time soon. Given that NSW is doing very well. This is likely to happen with Delta and Victoria.

The entry came in the wake of a speech in Parliament on Tuesday night, in which he said Delta had changed the game on New Zealand’s strategy to reopen the world, following the discovery of the current epidemic. It was unveiled a few days ago.

Why? Because one of the key parts of the strategy was to classify countries as low, medium or high risk based on their profiles. But now Delta’s transfer means that any country, primarily infected with the virus, is at greater risk. And, given that New Zealand primarily considers countries without Delta to be less of a threat, we’re in a very small club.

However, it has been confirmed that the home isolation trial for 100 or more business travelers will begin later this year – a good sign. However, the opening needs to continue even though Auckland in particular is still closed.

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