Covid 19: Auckland DHB’s visitor policy is a threat to patient, staff safety-union.

The nurses’ union is urging the Auckland District Health Board to immediately change the “free for all” visitor guideline. Covid-19 Alert Level 4, which says it is endangering staff and patients.

This comes after WorkSafe issued a compliance order against DHB for failing to communicate with health workers.

Craig Meyer, organizer of the New Zealand Nurses’ Organization, said that while Whitamate and Counties Manukau DHB only allow maternity, pediatric wards and end-of-life visitors, Auckland DHB allows two visitors per patient. Who can visit all areas of Auckland City Hospital. .

Auckland City's hospital visitor policy is far more comfortable than any other hospital in the region.

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Auckland City’s hospital visitor policy is far more comfortable than any other hospital in the region.

Muir said nurses were “extremely concerned” about the incident. Middle Moore And North coast Hospitals, and there are fears that “this could be a real crisis at our hands” if this happens with current visitor policies at Auckland City Hospital.

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As of Monday, there were 37 Kwid 19 patients in hospitals across the region. Fifteen were in Auckland City Hospital.

Moir said it was almost impossible to implement the policy with “loose” physical distance.

He said that DHB was failing to ensure the highest level of safety for its workers.

The Nurses' Union says it is almost impossible to enforce DHB's visitor policy, potentially compromising staff safety.  (File photo)

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The Nurses’ Union says it is almost impossible to enforce DHB’s visitor policy, potentially compromising staff safety. (File photo)

NZNO has issued a notice of temporary improvement to the DHB regarding visitor policy and WorkSafe has issued an order under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

The union said that if the DHB responded, it could be resolved.

Moyer said the Auckland DHB needed to “immediately modify” its policy to see “clear evidence” of best practice, listen to its staff and align with other DHBs in the region. Is.

“Anything less fails to provide public and staff protection, and threatens to nullify all the sacrifices of our health workers and the Auckland community.”

This comes at a time when 29 staff at Middle Auckland’s South Moore Hospital have been on standby for 14 days because they are considered close contacts in the Cowed case.

The patient spent hours with three patients in the ward before the positive test. One was discharged from the MIQ facility, and the other was kept in isolated rooms.

The staff consists of 13 registered nurses and 11 doctors.

Earlier in the outbreak, 30 staff. North Coast Hospital. There was direct contact with a community case that was in the hospital in an unrelated condition, and it was also set up.

The Auckland DHB and the Northern Region Health Coordination Center have been contacted for comment.

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