Covid 19 Delta Expansion Day 22: How it came to be

it was Bad weather Across Moto for the first day of Level 2 – for those outside of Auckland.

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It didn’t stop shoppers in Puriroh, who parked their cars in the North City Shopping Center – hundreds of people went to the mall for the first time in weeks.

Some hospitality businesses say the new Alert Level 2 rules can make it harder for them to work.

Roger Young, owner of Fidel’s Cafe in Central Wellington, said. First up Under the new rules, he will not make any profit.

In a 1pm update this afternoon, Chris Hopkins stopped to take a sip of water from a mug – which happened to be his cup with the words, “Spread your legs, not the virus.”

This is how the rest of the day opens.


  • Today there are 15 new community cases.
  • There are 37 cases in the hospital, 6 in the ICU and 4 on the ventilator.
  • More than 4 million doses of the Covid 19 vaccine have been given – a new milestone.
  • Now there are 855 cases of community outbreak, 218 have been cured.

The source of the spread is unknown.

The current Kuwaid 19 is a source of community expansion. Still a mystery Covid 19 Response Minister Chris Hopkins said in an official update today that there was little chance of a transmission through the public atrium in Crown Plaza following the “significant” investigation.

“The exact course of the transmission cannot be determined from the MIQ returnee,” he said.

Asked if another outbreak of Crohn’s Plaza could re-emerge, Hopkins said he could not guarantee 100 percent that no isolation facility would be delivered.

“We do our best to remove and remove what we can see.”

Middle Moore Hospital Case

Four wards at Middlemore Hospital are closed and about 30 staff have been deployed as the man with covid 19 was admitted to the non-covid ward on Saturday after suffering from abdominal pain.

Asked at a 1:00 pm update if it was negligent to leave the patient for 1 hour and 20 minutes after receiving a positive result, Dr. Ashley Bloomfield replied that he did not think so.

Dr Pat Watson, chief medical officer at Middlemore Hospital, said: Morning report. They had seen the man’s screening and it could have convinced people that it was tough.

The hospital has added abdominal pain to its list of symptoms when staff examine patients with Covid 19.

Kerry Noko of the Nurses’ Organization says such mistakes are part of a failed, under-resourced system.

National Party leader Judith Collins called the handling of the unidentified Kwade 19 case a mess.

Leading microbiologist Sioux Wiles says hospitals may soon need to introduce Covid 19 testing.

MIQ booking.

Covid 19 Response Minister Chris Hopkins said. Checkpoint Some MIQ bookings have been postponed because the system is short of rooms.

“We’ve already made some changes. We’ve postponed some RSE workers who were coming, and we’re looking at group bookings.

“The latest thing I have is that a group of fishermen who were about to arrive have also been postponed.

“RSE workers – there were hundreds. In the case of fishermen, I think it was about 40 or 50.”

Red flight to New South Wales.

New Zealanders stranded in New South Wales have been given another chance to come home – a new ‘Red Flight’ is planned for next week.

The flight will depart Sydney for Auckland on Wednesday. People have until 5pm on Saturday to apply for a seat on the government’s MIQ website.

All passengers must submit a negative code 19 test before departure and spend 14 days in administrative isolation or quarantine hotel.

A similar flight – carrying about 100 people – arrived in the country on Sunday.

The government has warned that the Trans-Tasman bubble is unlikely to reopen in the near future.

Increase funding to support third-party students struggling.

The government has added مشکل 20 million to a difficult fund for third-grade students.

This is in addition to the $ 10 million announced in this year’s budget and is for students facing difficulties due to the epidemic.

The announcement comes as third institutions prepare to resume face-to-face studies, some of which will open this week and some on Monday.

Both Auckland University and AUT say that even if the city had to lower its alert level, they would not return to classes in person this semester.

The Ministry of Education says masks are highly recommended for students on campus but are not mandatory.

Institutions should limit lectures to more than 100 people and maintain a physical distance of one meter, he said.

‘Delta thrives on inequality’

Experts say the government needs to prioritize more funding and health resources for South Auckland, which will remain New Zealand’s ongoing frontline in the fight against cowardice.

He says targeted community-led vaccinations, rapid screening and more resources for Middlemore Hospital are top priorities, and greater data transparency will be important.

Speaking to the Health Select Committee today, Cowed 19 modeler Dr Rodney Jones said the Delta variant had exploited a weakness in New Zealand.

“We need to move away from the experience that the delta grows on inequality,” he said. “We must make sure that we now deploy spending and public health resources in South Auckland as this will be our front line in the fight against code.”

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